Monday, August 22, 2011

Table of Contents

Avendale Legacy

Prologue: The Start of it All

Rebecca Avendale
Legacy Founder

Chapter 1-1:   New Beginnings
Chapter 1-2:   Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Chapter 1-3:   The Discovery
Chapter 1-4:   Eyes Wide Open
Chapter 1-5:   A Week to Remember
Chapter 1-6:   A Surprise Birthday Gift
Chapter 1-7:   An Unwelcome Guest
Chapter 1-8:   Midnight Shadows 
Chapter 1-9:   Soul's Bestowal
Chapter 1-10: First Love and Love at First Sight
Chapter 1-11: Family Ties and Frustrations
Chapter 1-12: Opportunities Abound
Chapter 1-13: Heir Apparent

Shane Avendale
Generation 2

Chapter 2-1:   Playing With Fire
Chapter 2-2:   Picking Up the Pieces
Chapter 2-3:   Put a Ring on It
Chapter 2-4:   Going to the Chapel
Chapter 2-5:   Love Inside
Chapter 2-6:   Deuces are Wild
Chapter 2-7:   Found Out About You
Chapter 2-8:   If I Could Turn Back Time
Chapter 2-9:   Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Chapter 2-10: Hands of Time
Chapter 2-11: Almost Grown
Chapter 2-12: Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not
Chapter 2-13: Tears in Heaven

Verne Avendale
Generation 3

Chapter 3-1:   100 Years
Chapter 3-2:   Sparks Fly
Chapter 3-3:   Eternal Flame
Chapter 3-4:   We've Only Just Begun
Chapter 3-5:   Heroes
Chapter 3-6:   What a Wonderful World
Chapter 3-7:   Time in a Bottle
Chapter 3-8:   I Wonder
Chapter 3-9:   Low is a Height
Chapter 3-10: Howl
Chapter 3-11: We Are Broken
Chapter 3-12: Today Was a Fairytale

Yalena Avendale
Generation 4

Chapter 4-1:   Somewhere Trouble Don't Go
Chapter 4-2:   Lover to Lover
Chapter 4-3:   Not Strong Enough
Chapter 4-4:   Draw the Line
Chapter 4-5:   Fighting Against Nature
Chapter 4-6:   Don't Think I Don't Think About It
Chapter 4-7:   Call Me Maybe
Chapter 4-8:   Fell In Love Without You
Chapter 4-9:   Maybe Tomorrow
Chapter 4-10: Waiting for a Girl Like You
Chapter 4-11: Bump in the Road
Chapter 4-12: Oops!...I Did It Again
Chapter 4-13: Masterpiece Conspiracy

Camille Avendale
Generation 5

Chapter 5-1:   Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Chapter 5-2:   Sex Ain't Love 
Chapter 5-3:   Hell on Heels
Chapter 5-4:   Gunpowder and Lead 
Chapter 5-5:   Enjoy the Silence
Chapter 5-6:   There's a Wall
Chapter 5-7:   Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 5-8:   This = Love
Chapter 5-9:   T.N.T.
Chapter 5-10: My Prerogative 
Chapter 5-11: Sorry for Party Rocking
Chapter 5-12: All This Time
Chapter 5-13: Youth Knows No Pain

Evangeline Avendale
Generation 6

Chapter 6-1:   Trouble On The Way
Chapter 6-2:   Good Girls Go Bad, Part 1
Chapter 6-2:   Good Girls Go Bad, Part 2
Chapter 6-3:   Panic Station
Chapter 6-4:   Carried Away
Chapter 6-5:   Howlin' For You
Chapter 6-6:   Whatcha Say
Chapter 6-7:   Unreachable
Chapter 6-8:   Mean Streak
Chapter 6-9:   ThisKidsNotAlright
Chapter 6-10: Get Some
Chapter 6-11: Act On Impulse
Chapter 6-12: It Ain't Over
Chapter 6-13: Can't Fight This Feeling

Hanley Avendale
Generation 7

Chapter 7-1:   Goodbye To You
Chapter 7-2:   Heartlines
Chapter 7-3:   Don't Let Me Go
       Deployment Interlude: Part 1
       Deployment Interlude: Part 2
       Deployment Interlude: Part 3
Chapter 7-4:   Come Home 
Chapter 7-5:   Falling Back
Chapter 7-6:   

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