Monday, August 22, 2011

About Heaven's Legacies

I have always enjoyed writing however, in more recent years, I have gotten extremely out of practice. I have read multiple legacy stories and decided to try my hand at one or two of my own. It also has the added benefit of getting me to play which, admittedly, I usually forgo in favor of building.

Heaven's Legacies, and the Avendales, have since switched from a loose version of the Legacy Challenge rules by Pinstar to the Random Legacy Challenge which you can see a link for in the side bar. The switch happened starting with Generation 5 and will continue for, hopefully, 10 generations from that point. If not, I WILL at least make it to Generation 10. With Seasons, I may just have to start a brand new story!

The Avendales are my first ever full family in the Sims 3. I am still learning about the different features and all the different things that come with each EP. So not only is this a writing exercise for me, it is also a learning experience!

So, please, enjoy my efforts. I look forward to hearing your responses! 

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