Monday, August 22, 2011

Chapter 1-7: An Unwelcome Guest

                After arriving at the hospital and spending most of the day in labor, Rebecca was shown her beautiful baby boy. He was perfect in every way and seemed to have his father’s eyes. He also inherited a little something from each of them: genius from his father and it seemed that he already loved being outdoors just like his mother. They named him Shane and headed home.

                Over the next few days, Rebecca realized that Justin was a great father. He liked to always be near the crib and was content to snuggle and play with Shane all day. Unfortunately, Rebecca didn’t feel the same way.

                “What’s wrong with me,” she wondered, especially late at night after both Justin and Shane were sleeping. She would rather garden or do things than be in the house with her baby all day. It wasn’t that she didn’t love him, just that she needed other things. Maybe the stress over not having enough money was getting to her. Maybe having an unplanned baby so early in her marriage when things weren’t settled yet was causing her to stress even more. Either way, she and Justin were going to have to work really hard to support this family. After all, they couldn’t stay living in a studio type home forever.

                After Rebecca broke the sink and shower and clogged the toilet, all in a 24 hour period, Justin decided that he better start working to upgrade everything in the house that he could to unbreakable. Things were finally starting to get a rhythm. Rebecca and Justin even had a chance for some cuddling and chatting rather than each working separately to get things done. Rebecca also finished her 3rd book and it turned out to be a best seller!

                Rebecca was rather relieved when she started receiving royalty checks. They could now afford Justin’s workbench and maybe that would prompt him to start working and making money. It was Shane’s birthday and he was soon going to need more things: like a tyke toilet for potty training and new clothes. Justin finished his first invention today; some kind of mechanical gnome which he hurried to show her.

“Justin, that is scary! Get rid of it. It will frighten Shane,” she exclaimed.
Rather dejected, he agreed with her. However, someone thought it was worth something as he sold it for §1,000! He went back to working at his bench and Rebecca went outside to harvest some vegetables. Shortly after, just before the party was scheduled to start, Rebecca heard some horrific screams coming from the house. She ran in and saw a pile of ash and a dark cloud forming on the horizon. Not certain what it was at first, she just stared.

The guests came into the house, ready to celebrate a new birthday. They arrived just in time to see the Grim Reaper appear and take Justin away.

He had been using his blow torch and had set himself on fire. Heart broken, Rebecca was unsure of how to go on. So many things seemed out of focus and time seemed to speed up and stand still all at the same time. She cried and mourned but still celebrated Shane’s birthday with him, blowing out the candles.

Maybe teaching him all the things he needed to know in life would help her move on. She just worried about how her young son, who had seen tragedy so young, would adjust.


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  1. aww, poor baby. I had one Sim die from fire from birthday cake, she was holding her baby girl at the time.

  2. O_o..... That was so unexpected!

  3. Oh no! =(

    Seriously though, I hated the inventing workbench for the longest time until I figured out that you can extinguish a Sim who's caught on fire by sending them to the shower. Unfortunately, my inventor only had a bath tub, lol. I think he probably died five or six times (the exit without saving trick) before I finally replaced it.

  4. Well...I didn't see that coming. Poor Rebecca has the worst luck ever....then again maybe Justin's is worse.....