Monday, August 22, 2011

Chapter 1-3: The Discovery

                There just never seemed to be enough time to get everything done in a day. Wednesday, after work, Rebecca headed home to shower before going to see Goodwin. Afterwards though, she felt exhausted and decided to take a nap. When she awoke, she realized that her plants were wilting and she needed to water and tend to her garden if she still wanted food to eat and produce to sell. She got halfway done and suddenly noticed how dark it was. It was midnight! And she still had a book to read for work!!! The carpool showed up the next morning and she still hadn’t read the book and half her plants were still dying. 

                Really in need of a good time, she called Goodwin and invited him to a movie. Really in need of a good time, she called Goodwin and invited him to a movie.
                "Hey, there, how are you doing," she asked.
                "Fine," was his only response.
                "I was thinking that it might be nice to go to a movie tonight."
                "Sorry, I have a prior engagement. Call me in 18 hours," he responded and then hung up without saying goodbye.
                “Another prior engagement,” she thought, “I wonder if he is feeling guilty about flirting with me Tuesday”. So, instead, Rebecca headed home to nap and work on a new novel. Maybe, if she became an acclaimed author, he would be proud of her and more willing to be with her instead of Jenni.

                Finally, it was Friday again. Rebecca was able to read the book she was tasked to complete and maybe would be able to see Goodwin that weekend. After becoming friends with Charmaine, she decided to relax in the specimen closet and calm her nerves. After spending all day in the closet, Rebecca was awarded a promotion and, with her bonus, she had almost §3,000! Though she didn’t want to spend all of it, it was probably time to expand her house to make a small cottage with real rooms.

                Ever the predictable one, she headed to the fire station to share her good news with Goodwin. He seemed happy to see her, giving her a sweet embrace.
                "Sorry I couldn't make it to the movies, fire station stuff, you know."
                "That's okay," she replied. "Crap, what I am thinking, tell him it's NOT okay," she screamed to herself, in her head only of course.
                "I'm having a party at my house tonight. I really hope that you will come," he flashed his smile at her and she knew she would be there.

Just as they were about to share their first kiss, Jenni’s father walked around the corner! Maybe he would rush home and tell Jenni. Maybe he would kick Goodwin out of the house. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Rebecca hoped that this unfortunate event would actually end up in her favor.

                She showed up at the house and realized that it was massive. Who cares that it was Jenni’s house, not his? What did Rebecca have to offer Goodwin that could beat the luxury of this beautiful home? 

She went upstairs to chat with some guests and found herself in a nursery. Goodwin had a child, a beautiful little girl. When it was just a partner, Rebecca could imagine that he was not happy at home and would rather be with her. Now, having grown up with basically no parents, there was no way she was going to pull this child’s father out of her life.

                She slipped quietly downstairs, and left without introducing herself to anyone.

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  1. Oh! The Basterd!

    Whining about him being in a relationship, but never mention he has a child?

    *is secretly hoping it turns out to be Jennis baby sister or something*

  2. Well...damn. I totally understand why Rebecca would feel intimidated. Seriously can't believe Goodwin didn't mention he had a kid!

  3. Aw, I was wondering whether Goodwin's kid was going to change things for Becky.

  4. I hope Goodwin does make it work with Jenni. He should have told her about his daughter. I am glad Rebecca is choosing to back away.