Monday, August 22, 2011

Chapter 1-6: A Surprise Birthday Gift

                After arriving back from their honeymoon, Rebecca realized that they had enough money left over to seriously expand to the house. She left the house basically the same as it had been, adding another 4x10 square on to the side. She had plans for this room to eventually become the garage, once they saved up enough money for a car. She also knew how much Justin wanted to become an inventor so when she finished her next book, she planned on surprising him with a workbench that would also be in the extra room. Once the house was done, Justin went off to get scraps and Rebecca settled in to write another novel.

                “What should this one be called,” she wondered aloud. She finally decided on The 3 Fiancés as a story loosely based on her dating experience. She hoped this one might be the book that would get her noticed and start making enough money that she could stay at home and write full time.

                Monday morning before work, Rebecca felt a little nauseous but attributed it to Justin’s awful cooking. Later that day she was still feeling down and out of sorts. “It can’t be,” she thought. However, after a quick confirmation, she discovered that she was indeed pregnant. She arrived home from work to find that her thoughtful husband was throwing her a birthday party. What bigger news to announce on her birthday than that she was expecting a bundle of joy? Hopefully, she wouldn't be relieved of her job forever.

                After everyone left the party, Rebecca talked about the pregnancy with Justin.
                “I really want a boy,” she told him.
                “But, I was hoping for a girl. A beautiful girl with your eyes,” he said.

                She sighed and realized that this would just have to be something they would have to disagree on. Since she had time off for maternity leave she figured she would run some errands, make an appointment with the doctor and sell some of the produce from the garden. Maybe while she was at the doctor’s office, she could see if there was any way to increase her chances of having a boy.

                During her check-up, the doctor told her of an old wive’s tale: eating apples increased chances for a boy, while watermelon increased them for a girl. When she got home she checked the apple tree knowing it should have had fruit on it. Justin must have sold it while she was out in town! She would just have to find out the old fashioned way.

                Life settled into another type of monotony again. Rebecca would write and garden while Justin cleaned and puttered around the house. He had upgraded two of the fixtures in the bathroom now but they still hadn’t managed to afford that workbench for him yet. If Rebecca could just finish her book before the baby was born. She still had things to buy and the small house was already feeling cramped.

                She was ready to have this baby too. She found that she got cranky more easily and was often stressed and had a sore back. Even a massage from Justin didn’t help much. Too bad they couldn’t afford a day at the spa. Money troubles added to her crankiness and she wondered how they would be able to take care of a child while Justin was unemployed and they were running out of space. If her next book didn’t sell well, Justin was just going to have to take the next job that came along.

                She awoke the next morning as cranky and irritable as ever. Justin tried making things better by waking up before he had gotten enough sleep to clean the house and make waffles but her mood didn’t seem to improve. Moments after she finished eating, Rebecca went into labor. She and Justin rushed to the hospital.

Would they have a bouncing baby boy or a beautiful baby girl?

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  1. Hormones are all kind of crazy when you're pregnant. Can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl!