Monday, August 22, 2011

Chapter 1-5: A Week To Remember

                On Thursday, after spending the previous evening with Justin, Rebecca was pleasantly surprised to be offered a promotion. Though she still dreamed of becoming an author, she was quite good at what she did and was enjoying working in the science lab. With her bonus, she was able to start adding to her kitchen and also reupholster and paint the furniture she already had. Her home was becoming more cozy with each simolean she made.

                Friday rolled around again. How had it been so long since she had moved to this town? Granted, she had made it to a decent level within her job field but her writing was really failing. Her relationship with Justin was still in the new stages and she had heard through the grapevine that Goodwin and Jenni were expecting another baby. Life was moving so fast and though she had something to show for it, things were harder than she had first expected.

                After work, Rebecca went to the park to work on her story some more. She really needed to stay focused if she wanted to make it as an author.

Once Justin got off work, they went to a movie. As they were walking out, seeing couples holding hands with children in tow, she realized she wanted those things for herself as well and she didn’t want to wait any longer. She got down on one knee and proposed to Justin, right there in front of the theatre. And he said yes!

                They planned their wedding for the next day. She wanted a beautiful venue so she chose the town center, with it’s lovely views and made sure to invite Charmaine. Maybe that would even improve her performance at work. The day was lovely, the view was beautiful and everyone seemed to have a great time.

They were pronounced husband and wife and shared their first kiss as the Avendale family. Rebecca was excited about starting her new life and having someone to love her and cherish her for the rest of her life. As the party ended, Justin and Rebecca headed off on their honeymoon to France.

                When they arrived, they were astounded at the beautiful view of France. The countryside, the city in the background, the buildings, everything was so scenic and breathtaking.

They drove Vespas over to the nectary to taste some of the wares. Rebecca bought her first bottle though little did she know that she should soon not be drinking.

They spent the afternoon sequestered upstairs in one of the rooms. Who cared that it was the middle of the day? Or that it was at the nectary which was a public place? They were newlyweds and only had eyes and hands for each other.

Later, they went to a café and each tried some local food; Rebecca had an olive platter and Justin tried some bouillabaisse.

They spent much of the honeymoon doing what young married couples do…woohooing. They knew that when they went home, things would go back to normal.

Or so they thought.

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  1. Well it seems her fling with Justin was the real deal after all. I'm glad she finally found her prince charming.

  2. Awww. The proposal picture was so cute.