Monday, August 22, 2011

Chapter 1-1: New Beginnings

 Upon arriving in Twinbrook, Rebecca discovered the most adorable plot of land for sale. 

The price was quite high but it was in a good neighborhood and the view from the property was to die for. She bought it and built a small shack in the corner of the lot. She had no visitors arrive to welcome her so it was wholly clear that the neighbors were not pleased with her use of the property.

Unfortunately, the cost of building materials was MUCH more expensive than Rebecca had planned on. After erecting the walls of her 3x4 square shack, she had just enough money left over to buy a cheap bed which left §17 left to her name. She would have to get a job and just write on the side since she would need to feed herself.

She traipsed down to the local library to make use of the computers. The rooms were glorious, filled with rich wood bookshelves and tons and tons of books: hardback, paperback, biographies, encyclopedias, self-help books and novels. She couldn’t resist the temptation to read and sat down to enjoy a story. 

When she got halfway through, she was suddenly struck with the urge to write so she began practicing her composition skills. Finally, when she noticed it was nearly noon, she gasped and quickly pulled up the wanted ads. A job in the science track seemed decent; after checking the map, she realized it was close to home and paid §44 an hour. “I’ll take it,” she thought to herself, clicking on ‘accept’.

 She wandered over to the community gardens to view the lush display of plant life since it was on her way home. Once reaching the gardens, she discovered tomatoes and apples and lettuce and all other types of foods growing. Her stomach growled and she was reminded how hungry she was. Quickly glancing around, she started harvesting as many vegetables she could get her hands on.

Afterwards, she used the restroom to clean up a bit. Alas, washing her hands and brushing her teeth did little to get rid of the stench. She finally headed home around midnight, feeling rather defeated. She fell into bed and went right to sleep.

At 7 the next morning, she bolted awake, still exhausted but remembering it was her first day of work. As she dressed she realized just how awful she smelled. She darted to the local pool to shower, hoping no one would notice just how much she utilized the community buildings but still managed to end up being an hour late to work. Her work performance was horrific leaving her quite stressed but at least she made some money and was fed.

After work, she hurried home to, hopefully, get enough sleep to be well rested and on time for her next day of work. After a nap, she planted some of the vegetables to make her own little garden and even managed to gain a skill point. Even after she watered her plants in her delicates she still hadn't received a welcome to the neighborhood. 

She then read the paper for a bit and went to sleep. Maybe once she got the hang of things, she would have time to work on her writing and make some friends.

The next day, she managed to get to work on time, even after a shower at the pool. She met with some of her colleagues and was even trusted with an assignment.  Granted, it was only cleaning dishes so they would have a better probability of vanished, but it was a start. Unluckily, as she tends to be, she busted the sink. 

Needless to say, she was frustrated and in serious need of some entertainment by the time she got done washing those dishes.

She headed home, tired and irritated until she realized she had enough money to buy some new things for her home! First order of business: a shower. She wanted a bookshelf so she could finally read at home but had to choose between the two. Rebecca, though a bookworm, realized the practicality of having a shower at home and settled on that, along with a notebook that she could start writing in. 

Finally, things were starting to look up!

Prologue                                                                                                                                           Chapter 1-2


  1. aww bless, I wanna give her a wee hug, lol

  2. Poor kid, a proper legacy. Those do tend to be rough on gen 1 who must survive.

    Nice backstory on your character. The parents who didn't care much about their daughter and died. The aunt who resented her.

  3. I really enjoyed Rebecca's backstory. Dancing on her aunt's grave... Lol! Also, Twinbrook looks so pretty in your screenshots. I'd forgotten that it's not all one giant swamp. =)

  4. Rebecca is struggling so hard. I feel so bad for her! Hopefully good luck will come her way.