Saturday, September 3, 2011

Heir Votes

Current Heir Vote:

Flynn: Hot-Headed, Perfectionist, Genius, Schmoozer

Flynn is the oldest of his siblings. He often acts like he knows better and is so much more mature than the rest of them. Even though he's considered a nerd at school, due to his high grades and advanced placement, he has a superiority complex and imagines that everyone sees him as he sees himself. He plans on making a name for himself in science or medicine or one of those "smart people" careers, as Gemma says. Of course, he'll be one of his generation's greatest contributors and his name will be recorded in history.

It came as a shock to him when his first love interest rejected him. Flynn can't understand why she'd choose the dumb jock over him but he figures it was her loss. He's not a womanizer but he's confident in his looks and intelligence and expects others, women included, to love him as much as he loves himself. 

Gemma: Family Oriented, Adventurous, Loser, Easily Impressed

Gemma is a bit of the black sheep in the family. Unlike her cousins, she's a little shy and unsure of herself around others. She's followed Flynn around since they were toddlers, just wanting to be accepted. Recently, he's been more tolerant of her but he still goes off with his own friends alone sometimes. She should probably make friends of her own but she always manages to muck it up somehow. If it's not spilling something on someone at lunch, it's making a fool out of herself in the halls. It just all never seems to come together right for her.
Gemma imagines herself as the crazy cat lady, without the cats. Her mother insists that she is beautiful the way she is and Hanley is sure that there is one perfect person for everyone but Gemma suspects that when she gets older, she'll be eating microwave meals over the sink alone. Maybe she'll go traveling alone and eat over a different sink each night. 

Hanley: Clumsy, Friendly, Animal Lover, Easily Impressed

Before she could even walk, Hanley was crawling after any animals that she could find. She rescued a kitten and convinced her mom to let her keep it. Later, she found a baby squirrel who she hid in her room, with Gemma's help. If she can't own a zoo, she'd at least be happy doing some kind of work with animals: veterinarian, pet store owner, even dog walker. Like her twin, she gets along with everyone and loves spending time with people. She refuses to be witness to bullying and stands up to anyone who would think to do so in her presence.

Hanley is perfectly fine waiting for the right guy to come along and sweep her off her feet. "He'll come when he comes," she says, not interested in chasing after boys or mooning at them in the cafeteria. Until then, she is content to spend her time with her friends and family.

Halden: Athletic, Social Butterfly, Good Sense of Humor, Adventurous

Halden wants to be a sports star, just like his dad. Even though Miles is often traveling and not around, Hal idolizes his father. Though he's quieter at home than his other siblings, Hal loves to be around people. He gets along with just about anyone, in any crowd though most people lump him in with the jocks. Hal loves being loved and wants the world to love him back. Making it as a famous sports star would give him the recognition that he craves.

Halden is not sure how he feels about relationships. He likes girls well enough but his number one goal is earning a sports scholarship and then a spot on one of the national teams straight out of university. If he can find a woman, eventually, who could deal with that lifestyle, he'd be open to the idea. As long as she doesn't expect him to give up his dreams. He expects to travel a lot, like his dad, and married with children while doing it seems a tough juggling act.

Previous Heir Votes:
Generation Two: No heir vote
Generation Three: 9 Total Votes - Winner: Verne Avendale
     Uvie: 3 votes     Vesper: 2 votes     Verne: 4 votes
Generation Four: 12 Total Votes - Winner: Yalena Avendale
     Yalena: 6 votes     Zarah: 0 votes     Zane: 0 votes     Aerilyn: 1 vote     Ansley: 2 votes     Ava: 3 votes
Generation Five: 25 Total Votes - Winner - Camille Avendale
     Brielyn: 7 votes     Camille: 18 votes
Generation Six: 27 Total Votes - Winner - Evangeline Avendale
     Evangeline: 19 votes     Emerson: 8 votes
Generation Seven: 47 Total Votes - Winner - Hanley Avendale
     Flynn: 6 votes     Gemma: 16 votes     Hanley: 19 votes     Halden: 6 vote


  1. Damn! I couldn't decide between Uvie and Verne until I read your little write-ups for each and decided that actually, I would quite like to see how the cold, child hating Vesper will manage to raise a well rounded family, mwahahaha! Loving it so far!

  2. I just started reading your legacy heaven and I have so much catching up to do! I voted for Uvie; because she's awesome. That's a good enough reason, right? ; )

  3. I did it! I um'd and ah'd about it for ages especially when Reya said about wanting to see how things played out with Yalena and her Dad then I figured if anyone is gonna be messed up over "killing" their mum it's gonna be one of the twins...right? D: Aerilyn is just my favourite. I love the name and she seems so sweet (we might even get a happy storyline!! lol) but on the other hand she's always got a smile on her face and always putting others first...what's lurking beneath the surface? What dark thoughts is she suppressing? day she'll have to stop trying to please everyone and take things seriously for she strong enough to handle it or will she crumble?

    lol...well I might've got carried away but that speculative train of thought is why I voted Aerilyn :) (...and it probably doesn't sway the vote at all :/ )