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Generation Summaries

Generation 1:
(Original Legacy Rules)
Rebecca Avendale is born in Sunset Valley to unloving parents who care more for furthering their agenda than spending time with their daughter. When they die in Al Simhara, Rebecca is left with an old and bitter relative. Finally reaching adulthood, Rebecca leaves for Twinbrook to start a life, and name, for herself as a well known author. There, amidst money struggles and sacrifices to make ends meet, she gets to know, and begins to fall in love with local firefighter Goodwin, only to discover that he is already married with a child. Quickly realizing that she is not willing to destroy a little girl's happiness, Rebecca ends things with Goodwin while attempting to maintain the friendship. Not long after, she meets local inventor, Justin Kayes and their relationship swiftly takes a turn for the romantic. One hasty, yet beautiful wedding and short honeymoon to France later and Rebecca finds herself pregnant. Her bad luck continues though when the Grim Reaper comes to take Justin on their son, Shane's,
first birthday. In her grief, she begins believing she sees Justin around the house, talking to him like he is still alive. When she finds herself pregnant, she realizes that maybe she wasn't seeing things after all. After Tanner, their second son, is born, the hardships and loneliness set in and though she tries her best to not let things get to her, Rebecca is often frustrated with little things and at her wit's end. She decides to take a short vacation away on her own, leaving Shane in charge of his brother, hoping to rejuvenate and come home in a happier, healthier place. She never returns, leaving Shane, now a teenager, in charge of the house, bills, and his toddler brother.

Generation 2:
(Original Legacy Rules)
Without a say in the matter, Shane is suddenly left in charge of a toddler while trying to finish school. The only person who really even pays attention to what is going on and supports him is his girlfriend, Carrie Goode. Though he struggles with the responsibility and often questions whether he can handle it, he makes due with what he has. Unwilling to put aside his childhood dream of becoming a surgeon, Shane gets a job doing menial labor at the local hospital. One gas explosion, and countless hours (and simoleans) spent building a new house later, Shane finally decides he is ready to start a family of his own and proposes to Carrie. They don't spend long engaged and soon marry and start a family of their own. First, their daughter Uvie is born, and then, shortly after, Carrie
gives birth to twins, Vesper and Verne. His love for his children is so great that he can't help but resent his mother for abandoning him and Tanner. Though he worries constantly about money and providing for his family, Shane can't imagine his life without them. Though some family drama and hiccups occur along the way, the family is happy until late one evening when they discover that Uvie has gone missing. Though the police are involved and try their hardest to find her, the trail goes cold, leaving the family in a wake of chaos. The entire family struggles to find normalcy again but find that it's hard to come by.  Though Uvie is never found, the Avendales eventually make peace with this and they live on with their son and his family.

Generation 3:
(Original Legacy Rules)
Verne Avendale has always been the quiet one in the family. When his sister disappears, he tries his best to act normal, forcing smiles and taking over the care of Uvie's puppy. The police fail to find anything though and Verne is left feeling that the police didn't try hard enough. He decides to become a private investigator to help people when the police can't, or won't. During one of his local stakeouts, he meets a beautiful woman. After one date, he knows that he will marry her one day and he's right. After suffering a miscarriage, she comes clean to Verne about her past, young marriage and previous miscarriages. Thinking that they'll never have children, Verne and Abrielle adopt a baby and, just as they bring her home, Abrielle realizes she is pregnant again. There must have been something in the water because, not only is she able to have children, but she has a lot of children. First twins, then another little girl, then twins again. When the youngest set of twins become toddlers, Abrielle realizes how much she will miss babies in the house and asks Verne for another.
Unable to refuse his wife, he obliges. Her fertility complications catch up to her though and, in the process of giving birth to triplet girls, Abrielle dies in the maternity ward. Stricken with grief, Verne sends his 3 older children to boarding school, practically ignores the three younger children, and loathes his newborns. Mistake after mistake, fueled by alcohol and grief, Verne pushes his family away, leaving the older children to care for the younger. Only when Wren, the oldest, comes home from boarding school, does he realize the error of his ways. Some of the children, especially Yalena, the oldest of the children he kept home, resent his sudden interest in parenting though and he realizes that he may never be able to make up for mistakes.

Generation 4:
(Original Legacy Rules)
Yalena, the middle of nine children and a dreamer, feels betrayed and crushed when her father, in a drunken stupor on her sixteenth birthday, accuses her of killing her mother. The local bouncer consoles her and a friendship is formed, turning into a relationship. Her father finds out and forbids her to see Glen anymore but girls will be girls. Yalena continues to see Glen, sneaking around, and believes she loves him, giving him her virginity. It's only a few weeks later that she realizes she is pregnant. Glen, fearful that Verne will have him imprisoned, breaks things off with her and tells her that she should get rid of the baby. Finally realizing that life isn't a fairytale that will have a happy ending, Yalena runs away to Storybrook County to live with her older brother, intent on keeping her father from finding out about her pregnancy. She begins a new life, making friends at her new school, and she soon gives birth to a baby girl named Brielyn. Not learning from her mistakes though, she falls in love with another older man, Ace, who has a bit of a jealous streak. Pregnant again, Yalena believes that this time,
she and Ace will live happily ever after, even though she doesn't feel excited when Ace proposes. Verne, with Glen in tow, finds her and Glen decides he wants to be a part of their lives. He begins to try to woo Yalena back and when Ace sees this, he accuses Yalena of cheating, breaks off their engagement and demands a paternity test for their daughter, Camille. All throughout the man troubles, Yalena's best friend, Lyric is waiting in the shadows, trying to convince her to give him a chance, even though he's been dating Ace's younger sister since high school. Yet when she finally realizes that he is the one she wants, he's moved on, accepting her constant refusals. Eventually, they make it work, moving in together, having a baby, Dahlia, and getting married.

Generation 5:
(Random Legacy Rules)
Marital Status: Couple                                                     
# of Children: Two
Primary Income: Law Enforcement Super Spy               
Secondary Income: Journalist
Generation Goal: Social Bunny                                      
Miscellaneous Fun: Hands Off
A smart girl, Camille excels in school, especially when it comes to sciences and technology. Unbeknownst to her, she is targeted by a local cyber hacker and his sister. Together, they befriend her and trick her into hacking into a government computer upon which she is caught and arrested by the local police. Law enforcement determines she was conned and release her back into her mother's custody but the damage has been done. Lyric and Yalena both agree that Camille needs to leave as soon as she is old enough to prevent her from being a bad influence for Dahlia. Camille takes off to St. Claire when offered a job by law enforcement there due to her computer skills. She vows to find and catch Chad Burney, the man behind her life falling to pieces and to never trust anyone again. Eventually she and her partner (and best friend) Pearl track him down. An intense shootout occurs, killing Chad and leaving Pearl seriously wounded. Kicking herself with guilt, Camille tries to
forget everything by having a one night stand with local reporter Donovan Matter. Donovan continues to see Camille, as a friend, and they soon renew their affair. Camille becomes pregnant and contemplates an abortion since she doesn't want children. Pearl's insistence that Donovan should at least know leads Camille to confess to him. He proposes and she turns him down but promises him he can have the baby when it is born. After learning she is having twins, Camille reluctantly moves in with Donovan to better take care of both babies. As they live and sleep and take care of the children side by side, Camille slowly and almost imperceptibly falls in love with him. Years later, he proposes again, this time with her acceptance and a wedding.

Generation 6:
(Random Legacy Rules)
Marital Status: Single with Help                                                     
# of Children: Three
Primary Income: Culinary
Secondary Income: Blogger
Generation Goal: Perfectionist                                      
Miscellaneous Fun: Fighter
Evangeline sees her parents as perfect role models and strives to be as successful personally and professionally. She is accepted to university, with both her twin brother and her best friend, Renata. Evangeline marries her boyfriend, Neal, in a small, family-only ceremony after high school. Though Neal hopes his wife will choose school close to home, he accepts her dream and, come fall, Evangeline moves to campus with Emerson and Renata. Shortly after exchanging a drunken kiss at a frat party, the pair catch Evangeline making out with someone as well. Evangeline has every intention of coming clean to her husband but her desire for her parents' approval persuades her to keep the secret and she vows to never cheat again. Her promise doesn't last long and shortly into the new semester she has a one night stand. Though she tries avoiding him, Evangeline can't get Miles out of her head and decides to get to know him. Over the course of the next semester, Miles falls in love with her and begs her to leave Neal. She knows in her heart she's doing wrong and finally asks Neal for a divorce, leaving out her affair. The remainder of university goes smoothly, until graduation when Evangeline discovers she's pregnant just before her parents and Neal,
none of whom know about Miles, arrive to attend the ceremony. Once again, she finds herself keeping secrets as she comes clean about her affair but keeps the pregnancy to herself. Though Miles is ecstatic about starting a family and takes a job in St. Claire to be close, his schedule leaves him traveling often so Renata moves in to help with the baby. The death of Camille has Emerson seeking comfort in Renata's arms despite the fact that they've not pursued a romantic relationship together. They too have a baby together. Through traveling and long distance, jealousy, tempers and another cheating scandal, Miles and Evangeline make their relationship work and spend their golden years happily together.
Emerson and Renata remain only friends.

Generation 7:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chapter 5-10: My Prerogative

                “Evangeline, what do you think you’re doing,” Camille demanded when she caught her daughter licking a mixing spoon.
                “Tasting it. How else am I supposed to know when it’s right?” She poured the contents into a pan to place on the stove. “And, FIY, it is right.”
                She may have less than dignified ways of testing her progress but none of her family could deny the deliciousness of her brownies when they came out of the oven.

                 “Gross. It’s disgusting out. Do you think it will rain all day?” Evangeline was staring out the window, trying to figure out how to spend the weekend if she was cooped inside all day. Torturing her brother sounded like that might be the way to go. She made her way up to his room.

                Emerson had stayed in their old room when they became teens while Evangeline took the playroom. They had played Rock, Paper, Scissors for it since the playroom was larger but the bedroom had a better view.
                “You’re so scrawny,” she teased.
                “I am not.”
                “You are! Look at Dad compared to you. You’re never gonna get any girls.”
                “Oh shut up. You’re just a scrawny. And you have no boobs. Guys like boobs.”
                They both knew it was rather playful teasing, even if their words sounded harsh to outsiders.

                Even so, Emerson took to staring at himself in the mirror often. His sister was right. He was pretty skinny. He decided to see what could be done about.

                “Hey, um, Dad? Do you think you could, uh, help me buff up a bit,” he approached Donovan since his dad was in pretty awesome shape.
                “Sure. It’s hard work. You willing to put in the effort?”

                Emerson was and they started right away. The weather kept them inside but Donovan had a punching bag and pull up bar so there was no need to brave the rain.
                “C’mon! Pull! Use your muscles Emerson!” Donovan pushed, never relenting yelled encouragement.

                Emerson was determined to be able to at least do one, one day.

                The weather continued. All of the Avendales were starting to wonder if it would ever stop raining this fall. Luckily, a new movie had just hit the Bradford theater so Evangeline and Emerson met up with Renata to see it. Renata wasn't quite as excited about Fistpunch but Evangeline loved a good action movie just as much as her brother.

                Evangeline had saved her allowance from the time she had started receiving it and, once she had her own room, she had finally decided what she wanted to do with it. She’d seen some really neat bedroom designs based on modular shelves so she had her dad take her to the hardware store to get the supplies and had spent the weekend with him setting them up. She had more than enough room for everything she might need to store.

                Speaking of, just where was that DMV piece of mail? Seriously, I know I put it in one of these drawers! She had received a letter from the St. Claire Department of Motor Vehicles on her birthday, informing her that she was now eligible to receive her learner’s permit and begin driving. Emerson had received a duplicate letter but she was going to be insistent that she learn to drive so she could become independent.

                “Mom, will you take me driving?”
                “Where did you want me to take you,” Camille was purposefully playing dumb. She didn't think she was ready to teach her baby girl to drive just yet.
                “Moo—oom. C’mon! I’m old enough to drive now. I have this letter to prove it!” She’d known that letter would come in handy!

                “Fine. But you’re learning in the cruiser.”
                Evangeline tried to contain her excitement and embarrassment all in one. She was learning to drive! She’d be driving in a cop car.

                “Why are you slamming on your brakes,” Camille shouted an hour later when they had finally made it a mile up the road. Camille had been unrelenting in her lessons on where each control was and what it did and they had spent the first 45 minutes of the lesson in the driveway.
                “Did you see that girl on that bike? I didn't want to hit her,” Evangeline’s nerves were clearly a little strung out at the moment.
                “She’s on the other side of the road. And about 100 feet in front of us. Just ease off the gas instead of slamming. You can go now.”

                Evangeline slowly  tapped her foot to the gas. The cruiser lurched forward and Evangeline slammed on her brakes, worried that she was going too fast. As they lurched back and forth, Camille felt like she was going to be car sick but tried to give encouraging advice rather than criticism. Finally, Evangeline eased on the gas and kept a steady foot.

                Glancing in her mirror, and then at the speedometer, Camille realized that they were only driving about 10 miles an hour down one of Bradford’s main roads. Traffic was never as bad in Bradford as it was in Kensington or Northcote so Camille had felt they would be fine on these streets. The taxi tailing them might indicate otherwise.

                “Honey, you might want to speed up a bit.”
                “I’m fine.”
               “Eve, you’re going 15 miles per hour under the speed limit. Other cars might like to get to where they are going. Like the taxi behind us.”

                “He can stay off my ass!” Driving was clearly a little bit more difficult than she had originally imagined.
                “Evangeline Avendale!”
                “Sorry mom.”

                They finally made it home in one piece. It was going to take a lot more practice, maybe with Donovan in the passenger’s seat, before Evangeline got her license. Having two children met they’d have to go through this with Emerson as well. Camille silently noted to let Donovan handle Emerson’s first drive.

                Fall crept wetly into St. Claire day by day. The leaves, now crimson and golden, began falling from their branches, littering the sidewalks. The crunch of leaves underfoot was a pleasant, satisfying sound, when it was dry enough to hear them anyway.

                Neither of the twins particularly liked school. They both knew they had to go and both tried their best with their grades. Evangeline had her hopes set on getting into a university so she spent most of her nights getting her homework done. Emerson had joined several sports through the high school and wanted to be kept on the team so he studied as well though not quite as hard as his sister. He usually tried to study when she did so she could help him.

                Most of the time though, he whizzed through his homework, jotting down the first answer that came to his head, so he could head to one of the local parks to practice basketball or soccer. One such evening, he was shooting hoops by himself when he saw a pretty girl make her way around the fence. Putting everything into it, he jogged towards the hoop and jumped, dunking the ball. Fate was on his side and the ball rolled a ways towards her.

                “Oh, sorry about that. I didn't see you there.”
                “That’s okay.” She picked up the ball and handed it to him. “See you around.”
                “Wait, what’s your name?”
                “I’m Sasha,” she said, turning away from him.

                “Don’t you want to know my name?”
                “Emerson Avendale. Freshman at Bradford High. Twin sister is Evangeline. On the basketball team, soccer team, and trying out for football when the season opens.”
                “How do you know all that?”
                “I hear things.”

                “What does that mean?” She smiled at him mysteriously, only one corner of her mouth turned up. He couldn't tell if it was a genuine smile or all-knowing smirk. He decided to roll with it. 
                “You forgot single and charming.”
                “I didn't.”
                “We can fix one of those things,” he said, flashing her his best, most charming smile.
                “I have a boyfriend.” 
                Rather than be disappointed, he pulled out his smart phone and snapped a picture of her.
                “What was that for?”
                “I don’t like to forget a pretty face.”

                He kept her talking for a couple of hours, trying to figure out how she knew him without him knowing her. Finally he gathered that she was on the yearbook committee and it was her job to know these things. She wasn't quite so mysterious after all.

                “Alright, well, I better be heading home.” She stood from the pavement and brushed her pants off. He stood with her and, without waiting, pulled her into a hug.
                “See you around, Charming,” she said with a wink.
                Sylie Malone watched from the shadows. She’d come for a walk, just to get out of the house on her own for a while. Seeing her son’s girlfriend flirting with the Avendale boy wasn't what she had been expecting to see. She sighed. Telling Reno would just make him more determined to prove his mother wrong so she made the decision to keep her mouth shut.

                The weekend finally rolled around and the twins decided to check out one of the new clubs that had opened up in Northcote. Renata met them there, as usual.

                The music was pretty decent and the club had a live DJ. The three danced, having a blast. The DJ announced that she was going to take a quick, 15 minute break and that the table would be open to anyone.
                “Em, you should try it out,” Evangeline shouted above the noise.
                “Eh…I don’t know,” he wavered, wanting to test it, especially since he’d been playing with some tracks on the computer but not sure if he wanted to try it when there were people there to hear it.
                “Go!” Renata jumped in, echoing his sister’s encouragement, and finally, he decided to give it a try, if only to shut them up.

                As he stepped up to the booth, Renata pulled a little closer to Evangeline. “Do you think he’ll be any good?”
                “Well, even if he totally sucks, at least this isn't college night and packed to the walls!”

                He didn't suck. The music he chose was actually pretty good and fun to dance to. That said, the patrons were still happy when the regular DJ came back to her station and took back over.

                Camille and Donovan had decided to have a date night that weekend as well. She spent half the evening getting dressed up for the live theatre show they were going to attend.
                “Let’s take a picture.” She pulled Donovan to her, wrapping her arm around him.
                “You know, one of the kids could take it. Or, I think I have that old tripod somewhere around here.”
                “If our kids can take pictures this way, so can I. They never put those phones down.”

                When they arrived at the theatre, the tickets had been sold out and the doors were closed. Unruffled, they crossed the street and went to the martini bar for some drinks. Unfortunately, there was a big music guest there that night and the doors were barred to people without special invitations or names on “the list”. Donovan smiled and tried to sweet talk them past the ropes but the bouncer was apparently paid too well.

                “Let’s just take the subway back to the house and walk from there. It’s a nice night,” Donovan suggested. Unfortunately, that nice night turned sour as a torrential downpour opened on them halfway back to the house. When they, at last, ran up the steps, they were both drenched.
                “That wasn't quite what I expected for date night. Tell you what, let’s take a romantic vacation, just the two of us. We've not done that, not even for a honeymoon and the twins are old enough to be left on their own for a week or so.”

                Famous last words Donovan. Famous last words.

Chapter 5.9                                                                                                                                                                                 Chapter 5.11

I’m back…uh, again. I’m sorry I left you guys. Shortly after posting my last chapter, I got a phone call that I needed to rush home to Florida because my grandmother wasn't well. I made it home and she passed away that same night. I stayed in town to help with arrangements and attend the funeral and spend some time with my sister. When I got back, I wasn't really in a playing mood and had to catch up with my moderating duties and just kind of puttered around my game, mostly with builds for a little while.

Enough with the depressing bit though. I’m back and so are the Avendales. My story is taking shape and I've got decent plots for both twins, depending on how the heir vote goes. It will be up, along with the next chapter when that is posted. Yes, I am still doing heir votes so get ready to choose a favorite! 

On another note, I hate how empty clubs always are. Though, to be fair, the club that they went to had three floors so most (all 2) of the sims that weren't mixologists or the proprietor were on the second floor with the karaoke machine. I really want to revamp some stuff in St. Claire but the lots sizes make it damn near impossible. I need to finish my world. *Adds to the list of things to do.