Monday, August 22, 2011

Resources and WCIF

I have to admit, I am a CC addict. I think that it is one of the best things about the game because I can do whatever the heck I want with it. I don't apologize for my use of CC. However, all my uploads are CC free and any CC listed are only required to make the item appear as it does in my game. If you see anything that you are curious about, please comment and I will attempt to tell you what it is.

My Defaults:
Skin: Generation 1-4 Females: LadyFrontBum - Naughty or Nice Skin with SilkFace
         Generation 1-5 Males: TummyZa - Hairy Skin Blend (default, no sexy feet)  
         Generation 5 Females: Epherema - FV2
         Generation 6: Females, Males, Children, Toddlers - teru_K Weak
Eyes: Generation 1-5: Escand - OhMy Eyes
         Generation 6: Burnt Waffles - MS93 Edit
Eyes: Elexis - Watercolour Contacts (not defaults but I put them on all fairly active sims)
Eyebrows: SimpleLife - Default Brows

          Chapter 4-3: Brielyn: Shabby Chic Nursery by Pocci at Garden Breeze (requested by Buckley)
          Chapter 6-3: Evangeline Pregnancy Test Poses by Nova-Sims (requested by Buckley)
          Chapter 6-7:  Footies for Babies by QuizicalGin (requested by Cassie Wagoner)

          Generations 1-3: Twinbrook
          Generation 4: My Sims Realty: Storybrook County
          Generation 5: Awesims: St. Claire, later updated to Supernatural and Seasons St. Claire

Sim Downloads CC Shopping List

Since both my skin, eyes, and eyebrows are default, they will be whatever defaults you are using.  
The skin/brow links are only shown if they differ from my defaults that are listed above .
None of my sims come with custom content. If you want them with CC shown, you must download it.
If EP/SP/CC items used, it will be replaced if you don't own the EP/SP or download the custom content.
All my CC is in package format. If it only comes in sims3pack, I use the Multi-Installer to convert them to packages. If you have a different version (or decrapped store items) you'll need to select the items yourself.


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