Monday, August 29, 2011

Chapter 1-12: Opportunities Abound

                Wednesday morning dawned bright and early. Shane awoke with butterflies in his stomach. How would he make it through the entire day? Then he remembered that the class had a field trip to the mausoleum that day so he wouldn’t have to focus too much on school work. The field trip was really interesting and way spooky and, though he knew that it housed dead people, like his father, he wasn’t too concerned about it. The trip ended with just enough time for him to get home and get ready.

                Back at home, Rebecca was able to finally improve upon her gardening skill. She harvested all of her produce and decided to take Shane on a long walk to the market to sell the items. He fussed and cried and howled the whole way. She wasn’t sure what she was doing wrong! He should be enjoying the walk outside, not screaming about it.

                Shane arrived a little early and stood about waiting for Carrie. He was so nervous and wondered if she would stand him up, or be there. Would she have a good time or a lousy one? Would this ruin their friendship or make it awkward or make it better or make it something more? Finally the doors opened up and he headed inside.

He soon realized he need not have worried; the night was amazing. Carrie was so laid back that she didn't even bother dressing up. She asked him to go steady and, during one of the slow songs, they shared their first kiss. And, when the titles were given, Shane was surprised to hear that he had been named Prom King. It was a truly a memorable night.

                Thursday morning was Rebecca’s first day back at work since being pregnant with Tanner. She was certainly ready to go back but at the same time, she didn’t really want to leave him either. She called a babysitter to stay with him while she was at work. Could she really trust Esther with Tanner while she was gone?

                After arriving at work, Rebecca discovered that all of the repairing and gardening she had been doing while at home had actually placed her in an extremely good position at the lab. When she was clocking out, her boss promoted her to Carnivorous Plant Tender. The job may be dangerous but would definitely be worth it in the long run. What a fantastic day!

                Friday, after checking the mail, Rebecca discovered that she had won a free vacation. It had been so long ago that she had even entered the drawing that she had completely forgotten about it. Shane was a good kid and she knew that she could trust him to watch Tanner for the weekend so she decided to go. Unbeknownst to her, that night, Shane decided to host a slumber party, with just one other guest.

                Carrie arrived, ready for the slumber party. She looked adorable in a pair of shorts and a pale yellow hoodie. Shane invited her in and, after putting Tanner to bed, they sat on the couch for awhile cuddling, which led to making out.

                “Follow me,” she said, taking his hand.
                They went outside and sat under the stars, pointing at the sky, trying to find the constellations.
                “Look, that is T-rex,” Shane pointed out.
                “There is no such thing as T-Rex,” she said laughing.
                “Sure there is, look, no, a little more to the right, a little more,” he said and as she turned to look he snuck in a quick kiss.
                “Smooth move Mr,” she laughed some more.
                Her sweet, bubbly personality was one of his favorite things about her. Though she was also beautiful.

                They headed inside and she went to set up her sleeping bag in front of the couch. Shane kissed her softly.
                “You don’t have to sleep out here,” he told her.
                “But where else,” she replied.
                “My mom’s away. We could sleep in her bed.”
                “Shane…” she started to say.
                “It’s up to you, no pressure.”
                “I was going to say that’s fine. We just have to be careful.”

                And they were. They were careful a couple of times.

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  1. A couple of times? *giggles*

    Carrie really is beautiful. I'm wondering if you tweaked some of the Twinbrook residents, because they're not as fugly as I remember. But I haven't played Twinbrook in ages, so perhaps my imagination has gotten the better of me, lol. I'm loving this story! =)

  2. Haha, yes, I tweaked them. But barely! Mostly I just do cosmetic stuff like hair color/style. And the lips. God knows EA can't make a sim without giving them serial-killer, perma-smile lips. So I turn that down. But that's usually about it.

  3. Lol. What a great chapter. Let's just hope they don't have to suffer the consequences of their actions. I think Rebecca would have a breakdown if another baby was around.