Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chapter 1-11: Family Ties and Frustrations

                The next day at school, Shane tried to act cool as he passed Carrie going into the main building to sign up for the debate club. She noticed him and gave him a small smile. Maybe there was hope after all!

Meanwhile, back at home, Rebecca was being reminded of the struggles of having a newborn. Tanner needed so much attention. She didn’t remember Shane being so needy all of the time. Maybe Tanner was just taking a toll on her because she was a single parent now. “What did I get myself into,”  she fretted.

                Shane decided that it was now or never when it came to asking Carrie to the prom. It was only two days away and, if she didn’t already have a date, she might soon. He couldn’t risk waiting any longer. He headed over to her house again, this time way before curfew so as not to make the same mistake again.

                “Hey, Carrie, uh, how’re you,” he asked, nerves getting the better of him.
                “Good! How was your day,” she asked with a smile and cheery wave.
                “Umm, it was good. So, um, I don’t know if you’re uh, already going with someone to the um, the prom, or anything but I was wondering doyawannagowime” he stammered, nervously and way too fast. Quickly, he turned to flee, then turned back. He cleared his throat and tried one more time. “What I meant was, I would be honored if you would be my date to the prom”.
                “Sure, that would be a ton of fun! Except, my friend was already dumped by her date. Promise me you won’t do that,” she said with another of those golden smiles.
                He promised her he wouldn’t and then she apologized but had to go to work. Shane didn’t mind and walked home, feeling like he was walking on air. Could the day get any better?

                The next day, Shane was still floating on air at school. Due to his excitement, he had not gotten much sleep and was tired in class but he still found himself smiling knowing that he was going to the prom with Carrie the next day! As he was getting ready to head back to the house, one of the teachers approached him.
                “Mr. Avendale, I have noticed your proficiency in mechanical related studies and have a proposition for you.”
                “What’s that,” he asked, slightly curious.
                “The school has been having some issues down in the boiler room and, instead of hiring a technician, we were wondering if you would be willing to do it for some extra credit in your classes.”
                “Sure, why not,” Shane replied.
                The boiler was having more than issues and, when Shane got down there, he realized that the offer likely stemmed from budget cuts rather than an interest in him but he still was able to get the job done. He just hoped the extra credit would be worth it!

                 When he arrived home, he realized that it was Tanner’s birthday! Tanner grew to a toddler and headed straight for the blocks in the other room. 

He too ended up with his mother’s eyes but also had her light skin. Shane went in to check on him and couldn’t resist tickling him a bit. 

Tanner loved it! Now that he was a bit older, he seemed like he might be a bit more easy going.

                Rebecca, although exhausted from having a baby and on the verge of a breakdown from being a single parent, was also weepy to see Tanner grow up. It had happened so fast. Her emotions were a wild rollercoaster and she was irritable as ever.

Is this what menopause feels like,” she wondered, actually feeling hopeful because, if that were the case, she wouldn’t have to worry about any more accidental babies. 

“Son of a…,” she cursed as she broke the sink, yet again. Finally, after a lot of wrenching and more cursing, she fixed it and headed to bed.

Maybe the future would look brighter with the new day.

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  1. You go boy! You've got that date!

    I had hood for tanner to be a ghost baby though hehe, didn't found out about that possibility until recently hihi. He it's cute though with actual flesh!

  2. Awwwee! I'm glad Shane finally asked her out and everything is set for prom. Hopefully they will have a better time than Rebecca seems to be lately, poor girl.

  3. Oh my god, Heaven, I love this so much! I've just read nearly the entire first generation in one sitting, and hope to finish it by this evening! I absolutely love Shane-he is such a sweetheart! Tanner's adorable, too. And Rebecca, oh man. She just has the worst luck, doesn't she?

    1. Oh, poor Rebecca. I don't know if it was her unlucky trait in general or the luck of being the founder of my first ever legacy but she had a tough life.

      So glad you are enjoying the story so far!