Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Untimely End of the Avendale Legacy

I am extremely sorry and rather heartbroken to announce that the Avendale legacy is likely at an end. I have been playing though the free vacation glitch which caused Rebecca's disappearance. Now, when it comes time for a wedding, it seems that I am unable to add a sim to the family that way, nor can I change active families. Rebecca is even beyond the reach of MasterController and Overwatch. I have one more "trick" so to say up my sleeve but if it doesn't work, the story will have to end. I apologize to all those who have been following the blog. Not sure when I will have the heart to start another one. Maybe in a week, maybe a month. Depends on my mourning process.


  1. Sorry to hear that Heaven though i do hope you continue writing in the future x

  2. Thanks angie. I think what I have decided is that I am going to finish the world I am working on and then start a story in there.

  3. D'oh, stupid glitches ruining Legacies all around! :(
    Well, I'll admit that I was always wondering just what you were doing to keep Rebecca away. lol