Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chapter 5-8: This = Love

               “I’m bored,” Evangeline grumped, less than ten minutes into their play session. She had wanted to play princess but Emerson wanted to go to the moon. She had compromised deciding that she would be the princess of the moon colony that Emerson discovered. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that the visit of a human to her planet would interrupt the daily fawning of her subjects. They were far more interested in the newcomer than their benevolent ruler.      

               “But I just got to Asenath. I haven’t had the chance to discover it yet.” Evangeline sighed at her brother’s dedication to their game but decided to play along with it and still do something more interesting.
               “As ruler of this planet, I say that you must travel to the haunted realm outside the palace gates and get a rare plant to prove good plans towards my peoples.”
               “But, where am I supposed to get that?”
               “Em, you have no sense of imagination.” She beckoned him closer. “We have to travel to the graveyard, of course,” she whispered in his ear. Mom had told them they weren’t allowed outside after dark but what better way to liven up their game a little?

               The two of them snuck out of the house as Donovan worked on an article for the paper and Camille was in the shower after her long day of work. When they arrived though, Evangeline realized that it wasn’t that exciting. In fact, it was a little scary.

                “What was that,” Emerson whispered, eyes wide as they heard a noise on the other side of the fence.
               “I don’t know,” Princess Evangeline’s bravery was starting to wilt with the threat of the unknown.

               “I’m scared,” Emerson admitted, not ashamed at all to say this.
               “Me too!” The twins hugged each other close, hoping that whatever was out there in the bushes would just leave them alone so they could get home safe to mommy and daddy. Luckily, it only took a minute for the raccoon to take off toward a nearby garbage can, showing himself under the halo of a streetlight. Emerson and Evangeline quickly rushed home, thankful that they lived close by and didn’t have to be outside any longer.

                They were lucky to evade detection as they snuck back inside and managed to avoid being caught and grounded for disobeying the rules. When they reached their room though, another predicament awaited them.

               “What if a monster followed us home and is hiding under the bed,” Emerson asked, not quite willing to go close enough to find out.
               In the comfort of her home with the lights on, Evangeline’s fears had evaporated. “Em, nothing is under here! Look!” She checked it out for him, proving that it was safe to step close and climb up to his bed.

               “Hey! Why do you get waffles for breakfast? I only have cereal.”
               “Because I woke up first. Maybe you shouldn’t take so long to get out of bed.”

               With Camille working hard to get as in shape as possible with her courses and tests for this new position, the twins had taken notice of the fun she had while working out. They turned on the stereo and began to mimic the moves their mother did every day.
               “This is boring,” Emerson grumbled as he stretched from side to side.
               “Uh, no. Fun. At all.” Evangeline agreed as she puffed her way through her jumping jacks. Why anyone would do this every single day was beyond the two of them. They quickly decided that they had enough and went to play chess on the porch instead.

                Donovan had noticed some strange behavior from his son lately. He knew, from reading some parenting articles, that imaginary friends were normal. No matter, he was concerned since Emerson seemed to be beyond the age of normal imaginary friends. He also seemed to take it a little further than most kids. He’d find him talking to Who at all hours of the day and sometimes the “two” of them would be playing chess or even tag together. Emerson could not seem to realize that Who was indeed just make believe. Camille assured him though that it would be fine so he tried to accept it.

                “It won’t be so bad.” Evangeline promised Emerson as they boarded the bus to their first day of school. He didn’t look so sure. Truthfully, Evangeline was trying to convinve herself as much as she was trying to convince him. She didn’t care about school herself; she had other things she thought would be more fun to do during the day. School seemed like a waste of time.

                “What are you doing,” Titus Kline asked Evangeline. His mother and Camille had been neighbors back when she had first moved to St. Claire. The two women had decided that their children could use more friends and set up a play date after school.
               “What’s it look like I’m doing,” Evangeline muttered. “Gosh, why can’t you use your eyes?”
               “Don’t you wanna play cops and robbers? You’re the robber! I’m coming to get you on my loyal steed!” He jumped on the rocking horse while Evangeline rolled her eyes and continued mixing her ingredients for her toy oven.

               Emerson wandered in the room and began rummaging thorugh the dress up chest. He’d look at one outfit, shake his head and throw it on the floor, and move on to the next.
               “What are you looking for,” his sister asked him.
               “Something for a tea party. Who wants to have tea.”
               “Don’t any of you guys know how to play like real kids!” Titus threw his hands up in the air, frustrated with these strange Avendale weirdoes. “I’m calling my mom.”

               “Hey honey, how’s your day going,” Donovan called Camille during his lunch hour, as he often did.
               “There’s something I’ve been meaning to sit down and talk with you about actually.”
               “Let’s go out for a nice dinner tonight then. It’ll be a date.” She could hear the smile in his voice as he said it. Discussing her clandestine job over dinner in public wasn’t really a great idea but they could always talk when they got home. A date night would be fun and loosen the mood before she brought up the serious discussion they needed to have. Chief had offered her the job today and there was a job that night. She had a few hours to mull it over as they had a backup chosen in case she decided she would pass it up. She wanted this opportunity though and everyone knew that she was the best person for the job.

               Donovan and Camille got the twins dressed up and headed downtown to the nicest restaurant in the city. It wasn’t somewhere they had been before but Donovan had just written a review of the food and service and thought it would be a fitting place for the evening.

               They enjoyed their dinner together, talking and laughing in quiet tones. Her life wasn’t what she had expected nor was it what she had planned but sitting here, surrounded by the people she loved, Camille realized that she wouldn’t have wanted her life any other way.

               “Oh wait, Mom. I think Daddy dropped something,” Evangeline called back to Camille as they left the restaurant. She turned, just in time to see Donovan drop to his knee and pull a delicate, black velvet box from his jacket pocket. With all her recent revelations, she had nothing to say except yes.

                “Oh no! Is there actually something under there tonight? I think I saw an arm!” Evangeline could have sworn she saw movement under her bed that night and ran, terrified into her parents’ room. Emerson was in the bathroom and missed his sister’s fear, climbing into his own bed with no problems.

               With her big, strong daddy next to her, Evangeline finally fell asleep, sure that if any monsters came for her, her daddy would fight them off and keep her safe.

               With Donovan’s proposal, Camille hadn’t had the heart to talk to him about her job proposition. What if he found out and decided he didn’t want to be married to a secret agent? After keeping him at arm’s length for so long, finally letting him in and actually be excited to marry him, she couldn’t even bear the thought that he might change his mind. She knew she would have to tell him, but it wouldn’t be tonight. She slipped out, kissing him and Evangeline on the foreheads, and headed for her secret mission.

               “Okay, really, no fair! Why do you have a cookie for breakfast?”
               “Because I made it.”
               “You couldn’t make me one?”
               “I’m sorry! I promise, I’ll make you one next time.” Next time still meant he had to have cereal, yet again, for breakfast today.

                “You’re getting married!!!” Pearl exclaimed, spraying champagne all over Camille as they celebrated with a bachelorette party. Donovan had been nice enough to take the kids out for the evening so the girls could have the house to themselves that night.

               “Oh Watcher Pearl! What did you do,” Camille laughed and sighed at the same time. Dan the Fireman had just come through the front door in little more than his hat.  

               Sylie and Lindy ended up staying until almost 4 in the morning, dancing the night away. Camille had sent Dan home after Donovan texted her to let her know they were on their way home. She didn’t think her kids were quite ready to see almost naked dancers in the living room. Everyone had a fantastic time at the party. In fact, if the gossip around town was to be believed, the party was one that would go down in history as one of the best parties ever thrown. Too bad it had been an exclusive event.

               And, in what seemed like no time at all, their wedding day finally arrived. Though she had never expected to be married, Camille found herself awaking with no jitters or even a hint of cold feet. She was excited to finally become Mrs. Matter and the only thing she regretted at that moment was holding the wedding at 3pm.

               Camille had chosen a traditional, but simple gown for the occasion. She had gone dress shopping with Pearl who had tried to convince her into a dress that looked more like icing on cupcakes but Camille had put her foot down. She liked straight lines and simple design and no way was she going down the aisle looking like she was trying to match her wedding cake. She compromised by letting Pearl choose Evangeline’s flower girl dress which was certainly more frilly than Camille would have picked out. Pearl had a good eye though and the dresses, though different in composition, complimented each other well.

               Evangeline and Emerson walked down the aisle together, as flower girl and ring bearer, preceding their mother who was a few steps behind them. Donovan watched as his family walked towards him as a little group, unable to believe how lucky he was. He never would have believed someone had they told him a scoop would have turned to love.

                Rings were exchanged with their closest friends looking on. The kids sat in the front row so they wouldn’t fidget through the ceremony. Pearl and Joshua were there with their small brood. The Malones came as well, Danny with his newly grown out hair. Even Chief Randall, recently retired, came to celebrate with them.

               They walked down the aisle together, newly announced Mr. and Mrs. Matter with rice being flung in their faces with a little too much enjoyment. Camille even saw Evangeline nick some of her brother’s rice so she could throw more.

               The reception was just as beautiful, but even more fun than the ceremony. The guests crowded the dance floor, boogying down to the funky music that the DJ played. Emerson was amazed that just a little music could get so many people having a good time together. Who would have thought it so?

               Yeah, this family knows how to have a good time.

                “Well hello there Mr. Matter. Would you mind if I join you,” Camille asked, with a hint of a smile.
               “Wow,” Donovan’s eyes widened as he saw her standing in the doorway. “Yes, please do come in Mrs. Matter.”
               She laughed as she walked in. “You know, I love hearing you say that.”

                They lay cuddling in bed and Camille thought to herself that life couldn’t get any better. Sometimes where you end up is where you belonged all along, even if it’s not where you thought you should be.

Chapter 5.7                                                                                                                                                                              Chapter 5.9

The kids are still going to be Avendales. When they were born, Camille gave them her last name, since she didn't expect this relationship turn with Donovan. Now that they are older and in school, it would be more complicated to change their name than just leave them as is.

Also, I'm not sure when I will have a chance to update again. Seymour (my supposed-to-be awesome gaming computer) has lots of faulty equipment. Since I got it, I've had issues with either the graphics card or memory card that causes random freezing. Tech support can't narrow it down over the phone. On top of that, neither of my front USB ports work and now the CD/DVD drive is randomly disappearing from the computer. The husband tried to burn a CD using the program that came with the computer; entire drive disappeared. I had to restart the computer to get it back. I tried installing Medieval on Seymour and the drive disappeared then as well. Not sure what is causing it to disappear but it's even gone from the Device Manager. I've not even had it for 4 months and am getting so frustrated with the entire process. It will be sent out for warranty repair this week and I have no idea how long it will take to get it back. At this point, I wish I could just get an entire replacement PC or return it and get my money back but, according to the company's tech support, I had to do that within the first 30 days, regardless of all the problems I am having with it.


  1. Sucks about Seymour, but I really really loved the wedding. I'm so happy they finally got married! The wedding was absolutely lovely and I loved Camille's dress.

    Pearl hiring a male dancer made me lol. xD SO her.

    Second last photo: DAMN Camille~.

    1. See, you're not the only one who loves weddings!

  2. D'aww! Pretty wedding! And what a nice, happy ending! =D We need more chapters like this. =P

    I loved the last sentence. So profound. Our little Camille is all grown up! I'm kind of sad now, but I'm really looking forward to reading about the kids. Are you still doing heir votes, or are you choosing the heir this time? I know it's early, but I'm just curious.

    Also, I *love* your photos. They are stunning! The one with Evangeline in bed with her dad was absolutely adorable.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Seymour. I know exactly how you feel, if that's any comfort at all. I had a computer custom built by this guy in Minnesota (I live in Texas), and the GPU crapped out before it was even six months old. Long before, if I recall correctly. I ended up having to replace the card three times before I called it quits and gave the entire computer to my mother (who doesn't play games and just needed a desktop for work). I bought a whole new rig last spring. Talk about a headache! *big hugs for heaven and Seymour*

    1. Aww, thanks. I was really happy for the wedding.

      Camille is all grown up and it makes me sad as well. She has been my favorite character so far and I'll be sad when the next generation takes over. I'm still planning on doing heir votes though so you'll be able to pick who you'd like to stay on. Not telling what they've each rolled though.

      Computer should be back in 2-3 weeks so hopefully I won't be waiting too long to update. Maybe it will give me time to start working on some of the projects I've had sitting on the back burner.

  3. Just as your computer goes on the lam and you're unable to update for awhile, I finally got caught up on your legacy - YAY! But now I don't have anything to read while waiting for you to return haha! :(

    As summary for all the chapters I've read, I love how much your last two generations have evolved and the story gotten more exciting. It's neat to see your story go from a simple legacy to an epic story. I'm hoping my own legacy gets that good by a few more generations since I'm brand new at this.

    I particularly loved the drama / mystery surrounding Camille's transformation from teen-in-trouble to successful undercover cop and wife / mother too! Her Mother Yalena drove me batty, so its good to see Camille's improved upon the upbringing she had. I was super annoyed that Yalena dared to judge her daughter so harshly (or let her husband judge her) considering what a mess she had made of her own life growing up! But, I suppose that's often the way of it with over-judgemental criticisms in parenting. You did a good job of conveying that emotion and unfairness since it really did leave me shaking my head and ready to read the next chapter to see how it all got sorted out.

    Now I look forward to your next chapter whenever you return. It's so nice to be caught up and anticipating new turns in the plot!

    GREAT job!

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    I meant to tell Donovon last chapter that is was ok about the dolls, because I think they are creepy too. Every time I receive one in the mailbox, I delete it. Haha.

    I really like Evangeline! The relationship she has with Donovan is so adorable with a lot of "Daww!" moments. I have a thing for father-daughter moments. I think they are the sweetest thing ever.