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Chapter 6-5: Howlin' For You

                While Renata was informing Emerson that they were about to have a baby together, Miles was pulling Evangeline into the study to inform her of some news of his own.

                “I know this isn't the best time but I've been promoted.” She grinned from ear to ear so, before she could get too excited, he rushed on. “It means I’ll be traveling, a lot. We’re playing games all over SimNation so I won’t be home very often.” He winced as her face fell. He hated disappointing her.

                “Are you fucking kidding me?” Neal, hearing the commotion crept a little closer to the door to try and eavesdrop without being noticed. “I just gave birth to your son and you’re leaving me? I thought we were going to make this work?”
                “Evey, we can. It’ll just be a little tougher, but we can.”
                “You know what, no. I've done long distance before. It doesn't work.” She stared pointedly at him and stalked off. “We’re done. You can see Flynn whenever you’re around.”

                Miles didn't know what to do with himself. He hadn't planned on the conversation going that horribly. He knew she wasn't going to be thrilled about it but he had honestly thought that they would figure things out.
                “Hey there! Don’t look so down! Let’s dance.” The pretty brunette with the oddly purple eyes started dancing with him and, in an attempt to save face, he obliged even though his heart wasn't in it. When he noticed Evangeline watching from the other side of the counter, he smiled a crooked, half smile at her. She glared and walked away.

                “I’m glad you could come,” Evangeline purred at Neal.
                “I was happy you invited me. Would you honor me with a dance, for old times’ sake?” The music changed to a slow pace and Neal pulled her in close. She wanted to make Miles jealous and what better way to accomplish it than dance with her ex-husband? She was so busy watching Miles over Neal’s shoulder that Evangeline missed the look of victory and joy on Neal’s face.
                Lost in her thoughts, she slid to him, still thinking about Miles. I’m not mad he’s leaving; I’m worried. When I left, I cheated on Neal. Miles is going to be traveling all over SimNation. Lots of girls will want a famous athlete and will throw themselves at him. What if he cheats on me? I deserve it.

                “Neal, thank you. You always were wonderful at dancing.” She saw Miles crossing the room to her and she prepared herself for another confrontation.

                “Evangeline, let’s try to make this work.” What, no arguing? Her surprise left her speechless which Miles took as an opening. “I love you. I want to be with you but I have to follow my dream.” The irony was not lost on her. She had said the same thing to Neal when she wanted to leave for school. Neal had let her go and look at how it had turned out. Still, would it be fair to ask Miles to give his dreams up because I fucked up my marriage?
                “Okay?” He had been hopeful but he had never expected her to really agree. He hadn't wanted to give up so easily though. His grin spread from ear to ear. “Okay!” He pulled her in for a kiss, in front of the whole room, not caring who bothered watching (though he was very much hoping Neal was paying close attention). His smile was infectious and soon, she too was beaming.

Adventures in Mommyhood: A New Mommy’s Tale. Needing to get some thoughts and worries off her chest, Renata started a blog about her pregnancy. She was sure that it wouldn't amount to much but writing out her fears and hopes, even if no one read them putting a voice to her thoughts would do some good for her.

                Later that week, Donovan sat down with Evangeline and explained that he was ready to retire. He and Camille had planned on retiring together and taking a vacation but they’d never had the time. He wanted to stay home and spend time with his grandchildren now.

                “Renata, I have no idea what to do. I was going to be a journalist but all college taught me was that I hated it. I never really figured out what I do want and with daddy retiring I’m going to need some sort of income.”
                “Why don’t you get a job at the bistro? You’re an amazing cook!”
                “I…guess. I never really thought about cooking as a job.”
                “Once I have this baby, I’ll get a job to help out, promise!.”
                Evangeline laughed. “One of us might have to stay home and take care of the kids, unless we want to pay for daycare.”

                The next day, Evangeline sifted through her closet, looking for a nice outfit for interviews. She realized she didn't have much business attire and frowned. I’ll just have to improvise. She grabbed a berry colored shift dress, remembering her mother had some nice blazers. Opening her parents’ wardrobe, she inhaled, smelling the scent of her mother. Smiling, she picked out a white blazer, knowing her mother would be with her for luck on the interview.

                Even though the interview had gone well and she had met the qualifications, it was still a welcome surprise when she got a call offering her the position. Her first day of work left her feet tired and clothes smelling of grease but she liked her coworkers well enough.

                When she got home, the first thing she did was scoop up her son. “Mommy missed you,” she cooed at him. He gave her a big, toothless grin and giggled at the silly voices Mommy was making.

                Renata froze, fork in midair, as she felt the pains of labor begin. She knew she would have to move and get up so she could get to the hospital but, at that moment, freezing seemed to be the best option.

                Evangeline finally got a taxi called and loaded her friend into it. Donovan had agreed to stay home with Flynn.
                “Em, your child is about to be born. You better get your ass to the hospital before then.”

                Evangeline was waiting outside when her brother arrived, breathless from rushing across downtown from the music studio he was working at.
                “Is she still in there?”
                Evangeline stood, stretching her legs a bit. “Yeah, still no sign of baby Avendale.”

                He went inside and checked on Renata. She sent him back out, not wanting anyone in the delivery room with her besides her doctor and any needed medical staff. She finally emerged a few hours later with a little bundle of pink; a girl named Gemma. Emerson pulled out his guitar and serenaded the most important woman in his life.

                “Emerson, she’s just so, so perfect,” Renata gushed when he came over to check on his daughter. “She’s always happy and smiling. She doesn't get too fussy. She’s amazing.”

                Emerson picked up his daughter, holding her close. Renata was right, Gemma was perfect in every way from her tiny nose to her teensy ten fingers.

                “We really need to look into getting a car.” Donovan still had his motorcycle, of course, but it was out of the question for going anywhere with an infant. Riding with the babies in their laps wasn't the preferred method of travelling but a car seat wouldn't fit in the taxi.

                Donovan was hosting a pool party to celebrate the end of the summer and Leisure Day. The playpen was unpacked and placed on a shady awning so the babies could attend as well. As Renata placed Gemma in the playpen, she saw Emerson arrive with Delilah. She knew they’d never discussed anything about their relationship but she had hoped that having his daughter might spark some kind of conversation about their relationship. I guess there is nothing to discuss.

                Evangeline was three seconds away from pulling her brother aside and having a discussion with him herself. Has he not gotten to know Kieran at all? Does he not realize that Delilah is the girl Kieran is pining for? She could see Kieran watching the two of them make out by the pool and it sparked her fuse to see her friend trying so hard to be happy. She remembered that he had told her, a long time ago, that he loved Delilah enough to want her to be happy, even if it wasn't with him. But knowing and being happy is different than having it shoved in your face!

                Renata, nice to everyone, glared at Delilah through her sunglasses. Seemingly oblivious to the turmoil her relationship with Emerson was causing, Delilah blinked, surprised at the evident hostility. She smiled a cautious smile and made a beeline for the safe haven of the other side of the pool.

                Evangeline, unable to take it any longer, pulled her brother aside. “Do you seriously not think?”
                “What are you talking about?”
                “You realize that you just had a baby with Renata, right?”
                “Yeah, so?”
                “So? So!” Evangeline fumed. “You had a baby with her! That’s pretty intimate.”
                “It was a one time thing.” He quickly rushed forward as his sister’s eyes clouded with rage. “I don’t regret it, if that’s what you think! I love Gemma. I wouldn't take it back for the world.”
                “What about Renata?”
                “We’re friends. We always have been.” Astonishingly, his sister laughed. “What?”
                “For a smart guy, you’re probably the stupidest man I know.”

                He sat, thinking about what his sister had said. He could not comprehend how exactly he was being stupid. Okay…so we’re friends. We hook up, one night. Still friends. Still talk and hangout. Nothing changes. Then she tells me she’s pregnant. I’m a part of Gemma’s life. I didn’t ask for official court agreements. We’re being amicable about it. A light bulb suddenly clicked on. Oh! She wants to be appreciated more for taking the majority of the responsibility for Gemma!

                He smiled, happy to have figured it out. While everyone was preoccupied, he popped into the convenience store next door, purchasing a small bouquet of purple daisies. This should make her smile.

                He went back and found her over by the playpen. “Renata, I just want to say thank you for being such a great mom.” 
                “What’s this?” She raised her eyebrows, confused by the gesture.
                “Flowers. For taking care of Gemma.” Her eyes widened in disbelief, then narrowed to angry slits.
                “No. Take your flowers and give them to your girlfriend. They match her eyes perfectly.” Her scorn was palpable and he walked away, more confused than before.

                Evangeline was lounging on the couch, watching the cooking channel when she heard something on the porch. She muted the TV, listening. She heard it again, it sounded like footsteps on the stairs. She moved to the entry of the foyer, peering down the hallway. She gasped when she saw who was there.

                She flung the door open and leapt at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “You’re here! I’ve missed you!” Miles was back from his training camp.

                “I told you I wouldn’t miss Flynn’s birthday,” he answered between kisses. “Can I see him?”

                She led him up the dark stairs to the nursery, where both Gemma and Flynn were sleeping. The open door let in enough moonlight for Miles to see his son, as he stood watching his small chest rise and fall with each breath.

                They held the birthday party the next day before Evangeline had to leave for work. Emerson approached Renata, hoping to glean some more information from her about her anger. She didn't feel like talking though and tried to brush him off.
                “Seriously, what’s your problem?” The mutter under his breath did not go unheard and she spun towards him.
                “Emerson, we hooked up. I got pregnant. Not once did you think to ask me if I might want a real relationship with you? Instead, you find a new girlfriend and flaunt her in front of me. We’ve been on a relationship teeter-totter since university but we always pretend it never happens. I’m done pretending. You can still see Gemma whenever you want. You’re welcome to come by anytime. But we’re through.”

                Flynn aged up amidst the chaos, unaware of the turmoil between his uncle and aunt.

                “You’re just so adorable! Mommy doesn't want to leave you to go to work. But I have to.” She snuggled her son closed, tickling his sides before handing him off to his grandfather so she could get ready for work.

                As the weeks went by, Donovan began to worry about his son. Emerson hadn't been by to see Gemma has often as normal and Donovan knew it had something to do with his relationship with Renata. Being an old man now, and using his age as an excuse to speak his mind, he approached Renata one evening while Evangeline was at work.

                “I know my son isn’t aways the brightest at times.”
                “You could say that again.”
                “He’s my son. I want the best for him. And for you. You’ve been my child for many years now. Please, don’t be too harsh with him. You’re a family, whether or not you’re together and you will be, for the rest of your lives. You’re just as guilty as he is of how your relationship stands.”

                “I don’t deserve the way he treats me!” 
                “No, but perhaps he doesn’t deserve your anger either. Did you tell him you had deeper feelings for him?”
                “Well, no, but…”
                “No buts. Work things out. For Gemma’s sake, at the very least.”

                “No fine!”
                “Daddy will find you, wherever you are!”

                Miles was over for the last night before he had to head back on the road again. The next trip wouldn’t be as long since they were just doing a mini-series with a team a few towns over but he hated leaving his son, even for the short trip. He’d been over every night since coming back to St. Claire and didn’t want to miss a moment of Flynn growing up. He scooped the toddler out of the toy box and carried him upstairs for bed.

                “Daddy loves you.”        
                “Lub dada.” Flynn grinned.

                “I’ll be back before you know it. Take care of your mom for me while I’m gone.” He tucked the toddler into bed, closing the door behind him, trying to block out the sound of his son’s wails and cries for his daddy as he walked away again.

Chapter 6.4                                                                                                                                                    Chapter 6.6

I have no idea why my male sims refuse to stay at the hospital for the duration of the pregnancy. When Flynn was born, Miles showed up, walked in and left almost immediately. I'm assuming because he had to be at work. Emerson came and, just like in the pictures, he went in and came back out and was playing his guitar in front of the doors. That was not staged, at all.

So, the majority of the rolls are revealed! Evangeline has rolled the Culinary career and I used my expansion gift to give Renata the blogging one when I moved her in when they were teens. The household was doing just fine in finances so I wasn't too concerned about a lucrative career as secondary. She's got over 1,000 followers but rarely gets donations but I'm okay with that.

Evangeline and Renata are both still working on their skills and challenges for Perfectionist. That damn dishwasher needs to break 2-3 more times before Evangeline can complete hers and Renata has a few more best friends to make/jokes to tell. I'm having to have her argue with people to drop them out of old friend status and then apologize and socialize to become friends again since old friends seem not to count for that goal.

Also, just a side note. Sylie's family line needs some tubes tied/vasectomies. Seriously Sylie. Didn't you teach those kids about birth control?


  1. Oh my goodness what a tangled web Evangeline and Emerson have woven for themselves! And Evangeline's glare and mean face are perfect.

    Boy, Emerson is almost as clueless as Layla. Not that Renata has been forthcoming with her feelings or anything, but I do believe actions speak louder than words. And after steamy life affirming woohoo that resulted in a baby you'd figure those actions are positively screaming.

    Yay for Donovan retiring!

    Neal is just waiting for his chance to pounce isn't he? Wow. Not that Evangeline isn't helping by keeping him within arms length even while she swears she's with Miles. Time for her to make her mind up. At this rate I'm almost wondering if she's not going to have an accident with (accidentally on purpose) Neal with how she's carrying on. Geez. There was a time I felt sorry for Neal, but now I just shake my head. Moving on may be hard but it's usually something good to do after a divorce.

    1. Emerson is pretty clueless. Part of it is still the high free will I've given them. Emerson and Renata still flirt whenever they are around each other but, when he's home, I get notifications that he's dating other people. He has at least 3 different ex-girlfriends in his relationship panel, all -after- university. Her rejection of his flowers was also autonomous and the first time she'd ever turned him down. It had to make it in game.

      Neal does seem to be hanging around a lot of the time. He's friends with both Renata and Donovan too so that doesn't help. To be fair, Evangeline knows that stringing him along is wrong but she still feels bad about how she messed everything up and does actually care about Neal as a friend. It's just time she made that perfectly clear, once and for all.

      Of course, we don't know if Neal would even take her seriously since she married him and cheated. That old adage "once a cheater, always a cheater" is certainly not going to be her friend.

  2. Oh please please please step in and break up Lila and Emerson. Pleeeaaase.

    Honestly, I think Renata will be happier without Emerson as a partner, but then again we do already know her and Evangeline's roll.

    I really don't think Miles will be the one to break Evangeline's heart, but I don't want to think she'll cheat with Neal. : (

    1. I'm really trying not to interfere too much with my non-active sims. I'm definitely not MCing away relationships, as much as I want to.

      Miles has no plans to break Evangeline's heart so I certainly hope you're right. ;)

  3. Such a complicated generation!
    At least Evey was able to see how it would be hypocritical of her to deny Miles' desire to pursue his dream when she wated that for erself by going to Uni. And just because she cheated doesn't mean he will. Though I get the worry, because he will be in a position where fans will throw themselves at him.
    And poor Neal, hanging on, hoping her thing with Miles breaks up. Dude, just, move on.

    Emerson was so hilariously clueless. But Donovan was right, too, Renata never really talked about her feelings, so being mad at him for not knowing how she felt wasn't the best reaction. But I totally get where she was coming from, having Em's other girl flaunted in her face like that.

    1. I was quite proud of her for that decision. There was a moment there where there was a consideration to take things a little further with Neal since she "broke up" with Miles but she thought better of it before destroying another relationship.

      They really need to sit down and have a serious conversation. Renata might not be ready for that just yet but, hopefully, before that time comes Donovan's words will have time to sink in.

  4. Oh dear, this generation really have got their relationships screwed up haven't they? What on earth was Evangeline doing flirting with her ex-husband to make her current boyfriend jealous? And Neal is starting to creep me out the way he keeps hanging around there... As for Renata and Emerson, how oblivious is Emerson?

    1. She certainly wasn't thinking. Neal, yeah, he does need to move on. Staying friends with him probably isn't the wisest course of action at this point.

  5. Awww Gemma! <3

    Emerson...::facepalm:: Delilah really has complicated things for just about everyone, hasn't she? I hate to see Kieran hurting in *any* story! But Donovan is right--Renata never has told him that she has feelings for him, and as adorable as Emerson is, men just aren't always the mindreaders we want them to be. Since you've said Renata is the help for this generation, I assume she and Em won't ever really get together? Maybe I'll give them a honeymoon in an alternate dimension when I finish my resort =)

    1. I'm sure they would love living in an AU in which they could be together. Their story is certainly not resolved just yet though and there are so many possibilities that it's hard to say just what will come next.

  6. YAY! I am finally all caught up with your legacy! Whoo hoo!

    Emerson, I love you, but you are so stupid sometimes. I'm still rooting for him and Renata.

    I'm glad Evangeline seems to be happy with Miles, maybe it will work out for her eventually.

    1. You caught up fast!

      I love him too. He's one of my favorite spares and I love having him around. He makes me wish I had rolled Couple+Help so he could stay. Though, that would mean Evangeline would still be messing things up.

  7. I loved Evangeline's reaction to Miles announcement! That face! lol And Miles standing there, flabbergasted, hey? What the heck just happened? Evey is a bit of a drama queen I think, she sure stirs things up!

    Miles was pretty cute interacting with his son. It looks like he'll be a good dad, but his job keeping him away from his family won't make things easy.

    Flynn is adorable! Loved that pic of him hiding in the toy box.

    Emerson and Renata are quite the pair. Emerson is so clueless, I hope he figures things out---and quickly! I'm glad that Renata decided she deserved better treatment than what she was getting from Emerson. You go girl! =)

    1. How did you know? When she reached the top of her social group (or graduated, I can't remember since she got 2 traits) one of them was Dramatic! She gets the option to fake fainting and all other things. I had alternate pictures of Renata going in to labor and Evey was just standing in the hallway with her hand to her forehead. Which were hilarious.

      Flynn really is cute. When he first aged up, I was thinking he was not so adorable but every picture I take of him, I just find him even more adorable.

      While it's true that she deserves better, she also needs to stop thinking that they shouldn't meet in the middle. It's not a romance novel and Emerson would not be the knight in shining armor, come to sweep her off her feet.

  8. Poor, stupid, handsome Emerson. I'm glad that Renata finally had words with him, but Donovan is right; they're both to blame. *crossing fingers that they figure their shit out eventually and end up together*

    Evangeline and Miles are cute together, but I have worries that something else will pop up to challenge and then possibly break up their relationship... Please don't break my heart! (I know her roll dammit, but I refuse to believe she and Renata will be single forever!).

    Flynn is so adorable! And I can't wait to see Gemma age up. <3

    Great chapter heaven!

    1. Donovan pointed something out to her that she'd never considered before. I certainly hope she takes his advice.

      Miles and Evangeline certainly are making things work right now, even considering their circumstances. No telling what the future holds! ;)

  9. Just caught up with the last three and definitely wasn’t disappointed! :) I felt so bad for Neal. It’s obvious that Miles loves Eva but I get the impression he takes a lot of it for granted whereas Neal would probably do anything to be in Miles’ position :( The poor guy. These Avendale women like to leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake, don’t they? XD

    Can’t believe Donavan is still truckin on, I thought he was gonna kick the bucket in this update >_< It’s sad to see another generation slip away but congrats on getting this far. Can’t believe I’ve been reading this for nearly 2 years! O_O Don’t feel bad about only getting to gen 7; that’s amazing! I can’t get past gen 3 (and I only got that far once or twice I think!)

    PS thanks for the DLs, just been on a binge >:)

    1. What do you mean, broken hearts? Never!

      I do feel bad for Neal but he'll eventually find the right person. Evangeline just isn't the one and, though she made some mistakes, at least she was finally brave enough to face that and end it.

      I can't believe I've been writing for 2 years! If it wasn't for the writing though, I'd never make it this far. I don't think I even got to Generation 3 before I made a blog out of it!

  10. Ah, finally caught up! Six generations didn't sound like it would take so long to read, but whew it took me a week or so to get to the recent chapters. Your legacy is addictive! I love it.

    Old generation comments first. I've been caught up since the first generation and was surprised when I realized that the whole thing wasn't a random legacy. You're a great storyteller; each generation had such an interesting storyline and somehow each is tragic and heartbreaking and absolutely amazing in its own unique way. None of their lives feel like a repeat at all. Uvie from the 2nd generation...Summerdream? Is that where she disappeared to? I had to ask lol. Yalena's generation was my favorite overall, probably because it was such a mystery as far as who she'd end up with. Just had to comment on how much I loved that particular generation. :)

    Okay current chapter, yay! Emerson is a moron. Evangeline needs to whack some sense into him...of course she needed that a few chapters ago so maybe Renata should be the one to straighten him out since she's the only one who's almost completely kept it together (other than that one fling in college). Can't wait to see the babies age up since your Sims are always gorgeous.

    1. Wow, you read them all in a week! That's impressive!

      I love you! You just made my entire day. I switched to a random legacy because I was worried about always following the same family dynamics and reliving the stories with minor tweaks so to hear (read?) that they're all so unique and appreciated is the best compliment I could have gotten! And yes, Uvie went to Summerdream. The actual dynamics of how that worked are still a mystery but she lived out her happy life and got her fairies! ;)

      Emerson is indeed a moron though Evangeline is not incredibly better. She certainly is maturing though so Emerson will likely get there as well. I'm quite excited about the babies myself. The lovely sims are, in a large part, all thanks to sims I use from around the community to breed the Avendales with.

      Thank you for reading!