Thursday, November 27, 2014

Deployment Interlude: Part 3

                I’m almost full term now. There are just 4 weeks left but I've decided I hate being pregnant. I’m hot all the time. I don’t care that fall has arrived and the temperature is rarely above 50 degrees. I've started wearing deodorant under my breasts because I sweat so much. I can’t get comfortable in any position and barely manage to get sleep. Not on my side, or my back and forget my stomach. My stomach is so big I feel like I need my own zip code.

                As I heft myself from the bed for my fourth pee of the night, I hear the ding of my computer, announcing that I have a new email. After finishing my business, I lower myself with a groan back into bed, pulling the laptop towards me and booting up my email.

Hello Friends and Family of 7/3
As we discussed in the homecoming brief at last night’s meeting, our soldiers have been extended for a period of 30-60 days. The flight schedules and arrival times will be updated as the dates draw closer. Please do not share this information, especially on social networking sites. Remember OPSEC at all times...

                I stop reading after that. I didn't go to last night’s meeting. Half the time, the meetings devolved into shameless gossip and children running around screaming while their mothers looked on, drinking simsmapolitans. I haven’t bothered attending in months.

                I’m pissed. Ben has been insistent, since he left, that he would make it home in time for our child’s birth. A 30 to 60 day extension automatically puts him past the 4 week window I have left. I know I should be more understanding. I know I shouldn't be mad at him. It’s a promise he never had any control over but it doesn't matter. All that matters is that I will be having a baby, our first baby, alone.

                I close the laptop, sinking back into the pillows and hope that sleep will find me. As heaviness overtakes me, my computer bleeps angrily and rouses me from my semi-conscious state. Speak of the devil. I flip the laptop up and click the answer button but say nothing as Ben’s face fills the screen.

                “I take it you heard?” Again, I say nothing and just glare at him, jaw clenched. I want him to know I’m angry. I’m also afraid that if I stop being angry, I’ll fall back into despair and spend the last weeks of my pregnancy crying over what can’t be. “Han, please don’t look at me like that. I have no say in this. You know I’d be there if I could.”

Deployment Interlude: Part 2                                                                                                                      Chapter 7.4

Author's Notes:

*This should be the last deployment interlude before we get back to regular (if not regularly scheduled) updates.

*OPSEC - Operational Security. Basically keeping information that could be deemed useful (mission information, deployment locations/timing, personnel transactions/problems, and security information or procedures, etc) out of the hands of potential adversaries by carefully monitoring your communications. Especially important in this day and age because of social media.


  1. Poor Hanley, she's having a rough time of it. She really did not look very happy at that meeting, lol And then there's Ben, caught in the middle of it, since there really isn't much he can do about it. Hopefully he is able to pull off a miracle and get leave to go home and be there for the birth of their first baby. =)

  2. :( That last trimester sucks and then to get that message. Ick. Poor Hanley. Here's hoping there's a miracle and he makes it back in time.