Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chapter 3-10: Howl

                Never does a moment pass that Verne does not look at the three daughters he has without thinking of his wife. Usually, the a’s, as he as taken to calling them in his head because he doesn’t care to learn enough to tell them apart, are left in their swings. He hired a babysitter to care for them during the day so he can leave the house, presumably to work. At night, they sleep and, without a baby monitor, he assumes they just sleep through the night.

                 Yalena is close to turning into a teen and, remembering all the family parties at the house, gathered in the kitchen is more than he can bear. He decides to host a party at the nearby country club, cost be damned. He musters up enough strength to blow his stupid party horn but he knows he doesn’t even look convincing. Maybe the cake and the pool would take his children’s attentions from him.

                 It is not too long before the bar inside is beckoning to Verne. He has never been a drinker but, well, no time like the present to take up a new hobby. He hears that little voice inside of him, begging him not to drown his sorrows, and to think of his children but he quickly drowns it with the overpriced, gag inducing spline reticulator he ordered. And then, just to be on the safe side, he orders another.

                 “Where do you think you’re going,” Yalena is stopped short by surly looking bartender who somehow, magically appeared in her way.
                “To get my father,” she grumbled, moving to brush past him. For such a big guy, he was quick and immediately in front of her again.
                “No can do princess. I need to see some ID,” he demanded.
                “Look, I don’t have time for your macho bullshit,” and before he could stop her again, she was past the velvet ropes and staring into the hazy eyes of Verne.
                “Dad, c’mon, time to go,” she tugged lightly on his arm, ready to take him to a cab.
                “Geroff,” he slurred, “you killed her. Leave me alone.” He stumbled away without another word, leaving Yalena speechless.

                She could feel the tears forming in her eyes but she was determined to keep them away. Crying, on her birthday, in front of countless strangers, was the last thing she needed.
                “Hey, hey, I didn’t mean it,” the surly bartender was once again blocking her way, this time preventing her from leaving.
                “You again,” she groaned. “Look, I am sorry I pushed past you. Now, if you and your ego can go back to the door, I’m just leaving.”
                “No, you look. Really, I’m sorry. Is everything okay?”

                 She looked into his eyes and, for the first time, saw a serious but sympathetic twinkle in them.
                “Yeah, well, no. I miss my mom and my dad seems to be blaming me,” and before she could finish, her tears burst forth.
                The bartender quickly steered her outside and got her some Kleenex. After getting her face semi-presentable, he got a cab to take her home.
                “I’m Glen, call me if you ever need to talk. You look like you could use a friend,” he handed her a business card as he closed the cab door behind her.

                Verne’s lack of attention does not escape the notice of the younger children either. Zane is more and more quiet every day, trying to stay invisible in his room or playing chess with Zarah. When she has free time, Zarah is constantly attempting to concoct a potion that will bring her mother back to life. She just wants things to go back to how they should be and doesn’t understand that some things can never be the same again.

                 In no time at all, the triplets are finally toddlers. Their birthdays do not fail to escape Verne’s attention but rather than celebrating the start of their life, he mourns the loss of Abrielle’s, nursing his wounds in liquor and washing them down with self-pity. He almost fails to realize that he too has grown older. Only when he looks in the mirror and realizes that he now has wrinkles and gray hair does he realize how much time has truly passed.

                “Damn it,” he slams his fist on the counter. She should be here with me, celebrating my gray hair, teasing me before she gets hers. I should be relishing the fact that her turn would be just around the corner. Tonight, the tears do not lull him to sleep but the effects of the alcohol finally push him into a haze that’s not quite sleeping but, when you’re not interested in continuing on, who cares what the stillness really is?

                 The triplets usually get left alone throughout the day. Luckily there are three of them so they never have want for a playmate. Already, as toddlers, they are all good friends. Yalena had taken it upon herself to check the girls and make sure that they were changed and fed as needed.

                 “Ugh, you guys stink,” she muttered as she entered the nursery one morning.
                Verne had ignored them all night again, letting them sit and finally soil their diapers. After changing and feeding all three girls, Yalena barely made it to school on time. How can he expect me to take care of his kids” she complained to herself. It’s not fair!

                Yalena and Glen had been spending quite a bit of time talking on the phone since they had first met. She had been in need of just someone to vent to one night and, blindly, she had fished his card out of her desk drawer and dialed before she knew what she was doing. After school, she decided to head over to the country club to visit him.

                “I’m sorry you’re having a rough day,” he said, holding her hands.
                “It’s okay. I’m here now,” she smiled up at Glen.
                “That smile lights up my whole day,” he whispered into her hair as she snuggled against him.

                 From the bar room, Nolan watched with trepidation. It was obvious to him that the girl was underage and he knew that this would likely not end well for anyone involved.

                 Wren graduated from boarding school and inally headed home, ready to make her mark on the world as a famous photographer. It was obvious she had an eye for lighting and technique and, along with those, her connections at school had basically guaranteed her a spot among the prestigious art connoisseurs. She already had a job lined up to take marketing pictures for a new hotel opening in Egypt.

                 Verne found Wren looking at the triplets the next morning. He looked away since, as always, looking at them made his heart hurt.

                 “Daddy, you can’t ignore them forever,” Wren chided softly.
                “I’ll be dead soon enough anyway,” he scoffed.
                “No, they need you. Mom always loved kids and always wanted more. I remember how happy she was when she found out she was pregnant again. How do you think she would react knowing you are ignoring them? And they already lost their mother; isn’t it too much to ask that they lose their father as well, especially when you are standing right here?”
                “I know you’re right. It’s just so hard.”

                 Verne listened to his oldest daughter’s advice and wondered where she had learned such wisdom. No matter, it was time to start making an effort with his children. Not just with the triplets but he had been neglected his other children as well. It wasn’t long before he heard word of Yalena’s young love.

                “What are you thinking,” he scolded her as she came in the door.
                “Uh huh, sure dad,” she muttered as she attempted to go past him as usual.
                “No, no more of this. I forbid you to see that man again.”
                “Who do you think you are? You can’t just be an absentee father for over a year and then, one day decide you need to ground me. 

                 “I’m serious Yalena. If you see him again, I am pressing charges and having him thrown in jail. There are plenty of witnesses to testify that he has been cavorting with a minor,” he threatened.
                “Fine, I won’t see him again. But the day I turn 18, I am out of here. And just know this, I hate you,” she screamed as she ran up the stairs to her room, sobbing.

                It was only then that Verne realized just how horribly he had messed up. He could only hope that the Grim would allow him to live long enough to fix his mistakes.              

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  1. Omg Ava's picture in the heir vote killed me from laughing so hard, but I voted Yalena because of this chapter alone.

    Also: Wren grew up SO well. <3

    I really do hope Verne either smartens up and EARNS his kids' forgiveness, or gets his ass handed to him a-la-Briar.

  2. Aww, I actually felt a lump in my throat when Verne told Yalena she killed her mum. He's so broken...or was :(

    Wren grew up a hottie though and wise into the bargain. :)

  3. Ugh but cece, at least Verne didn't pull a briar! Wrong as it may be, Verne has a hell of an excuse to have been the ass he was while briar hadn't!

    I'm glad wren managed to kick some sense into Verne, thigh I do think Verne made a serious error of judgement with Yalena there. I hope he can fix things.

    *runs off to vote*

  4. I shoulda mentioned this earlier but it just occured to me that maybe you don't know that certain things sims do will increase their chances of having twins/triplets o.O

    If pregnant sims listen to/watch kids music/tv too much and also I think if they read the pregnancy books it increases their chances. I'm not 100% sure on the books but defo on the music and tv :) ...if you already knew and Abri wasn't doing any of that...well I guess she just had some really unfortunate (for you) genes! >.<

  5. I caught up! Yay!

    ...But now I have to wait for an update like everyone else. Boo! ; )

    I feel so sorry for Yalena, but her situation feels so real, so relatable. Not gonna lie, I like her the best so far, but after I read your bios I surprised myself with who I voted for. I kinda want to vote twice, but I'll do my best to refrain, lol.

    I was gonna ask the same thing as missroxor. I'm curious if either Abrielle or Verne had the fertility treatment lifetime reward, or if you tried to get multiples using the tricks mentioned above. If not, Abrielle really did have some potent genetics. Haha, the irony.

  6. Guys really??? Abrielle did have the fertility treatment LTR but that was ages ago, before Zane and Zarah were born. But...Verne's favorite music is kids so that's just always what is playing (like literally constantly) in the living room which is also where the kitchen is. So eating, playing, training kids, it all takes place there. Good Lord, I am lucky I didn't have triplets more than once or even quads.

    1. Isn't the fertility treatment always around, once bought it won't deactivate, it just that still counts as well.

  7., bless. I guess that means there'll be no more multiple births now that you know how to tame those crazy sim wombs? >.<

  8. God that was a sad chapter too. =[ I was totally heart broken when Verne told Yalena she killed her mother. I feel so bad for all of them. I can't imagine what he or the children are going through but I hope it gets a little easier and somehow he can make up for neglecting his kids.

  9. Oh Verne!!! What a lot of mistakes to have made, ignoring your new borns, banishing your teens to boarding school and allowing Yalena to be groomed by a bouncer (those guys get about you know!) But he has seen the light now so lets hope he puts it right! ps; loving your legacy btw, i'm supposed to be studying but i so don't care i'm just gonna keep right on reading ;-)

    1. I'm so glad you're back and enjoying it. Yeah, Verne really messed up. He's lost so much and losing his wife just put him over the edge. He does try to make an effort though but it's really hard when you've screwed up so many times.