Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chapter 3-6: What a Wonderful World

                Abrielle didn’t really know what to think about her latest pregnancy. She didn’t really place her hopes in making it to full term but she fell in love with her little bean nonetheless. She hoped beyond hope that, just maybe, this one would be the one. She made sure to talk with Shane a bit about it who told her that the best idea would be plenty of bed rest. It wouldn’t guarantee anything but it may help.

                 Taking care of a newborn was exhausting. Verne and Abrielle hated being away from their little girl but they needed their sleep. Often times they could both be found cuddled up on the couches while Wren played in her bouncy seat. They quickly decided it was the best thing that they had ever bought. Whenever Wren was in it, she was the world’s most precious angel. Out of it, she cried and cried so in the chair she stayed most of the time.

                 Verne couldn’t even begin to describe the love he felt for that little bundle of pink. Not having his genes couldn’t have made a bit of difference to him.

                “Are you okay Abrielle,” Carrie asked at dinner one night.
                “Just worried, I guess. Waiting for the inevitable.”
                “Abrielle, can I talk to you for a minute,” Shane asked across his son.

                 They headed out into the living room.
                “Look, I understand your concern. But you are about 33 weeks now. I think you’re likely in the clear,” he explained while she wiped her tears of worry from her eyes.

                 Just then, she felt a sharp burst of pain.
                “No! I’ve been going easy, staying off my feet. Why is this happening,” she groaned.
                “We need to get you to the hospital. I think you’re going into premature labor,” he said, quickly rounding up Verne, who had gone to take a shower, and coordinating with Carrie to stay home and take care of Wren.

                 Verne, worried and anxious, jumped straight in the taxi in just his underwear. When they were let off in the parking lot, Abrielle headed inside, a look of resignation clear on her face while Verne had a panic attack in front of other patients.

                 Many, many hours later, after a long and sleepless night in the hospital, Abrielle was released. Her twins, Xander and Xanthe, were released as well. Though they were early, they seemed healthy and were ready to go home. Both Verne and Abrielle considered this a miracle and were overjoyed to welcome not one, but two babies to a family where none had been expected.

                 Shortly after her siblings’ births, Wren finally became a precocious toddler. She was absolutely adorable and delightful to be around. 

                  Grandma relished have a baby to teach things to again. It had been such a long time since her babies were babies. Learning to walk had been one of her favorite parts of teaching her kids so she jumped back in with excitement.      

                 Even after the twins arrived, Verne and Abrielle always tried to find time for just the two of them, to keep their romance alive. Sometimes it was a night out, sometimes it was as simple as sitting in the yard, watching the stars and whispering sweet nothings to each other.           

                 “Da-da,” Verne smiled at Wren. They were working on learning to talk but she had yet to utter her first word. He hoped he would be there to hear it. It was so easy to miss little things when regular life had to go on around you.

                 He felt a strange feeling come over him. He wasn’t sure what it was yet, but he was right to be concerned. Shane had just emerged from a shower when he felt a strange peace come over him. He suddenly didn’t feel that anxious worry that had lived with him for as long as he could remember.

                ‘Dad, no!” Verne exclaimed as he walked in on his father’s ghost. But it was meant to be. Shane could tell why so many people referred to the dead as “at peace”. He knew it was his time and he regretted nothing and so went with the Grim Reaper quietly and happily. His only wish was for his family to move on.

                 Even Abrielle took his death hard. She snuggled little Thea close, grateful for her father-in-law who had helped make Thea’s life possible. He had been a great doctor and amazing father and she wished her babies would get a chance to know their grandfather.

                 That night, she tried to seek comfort in Verne. He rolled away, scoffing at her, leaving her feeling horrible and thoughtless. She wasn’t sure quite what she had done wrong.

                 “Honey, I’m sorry,” he rolled back over and pulled her close. “It’s just really stressful right now.” She kissed him, hoping she could make him forget about it, just for a little while.

                 In no time, the twins were toddlers. There had been such success with the swing for Wren that they had gotten two more for Xander and Thea. They were always happy to just sit quietly and coo back and forth to each other. 

                  Verne tried to make sure to still spend time with Wren. They had adopted her when they thought the possibility of having children was zero and, now that they had their own biological children, he didn’t want her to feel left out or feel less loved.

                 Verne finally had his first real case; or so he thought. A police officer contacted him and let him know that there was a missing person and that he was concerned that perhaps the department wasn’t doing a good enough job. He wanted Verne to look into it a little more closely. Verne set out, hot on the trail, feeling like it was finally time he made a difference. This wouldn’t be Uvie all over again. 

                  Unfortunately, he discovered that the missing sim in question had really just been preparing for an audition and stayed quiet while rehearsing.

                 “Ugh, what is that smell,” Abrielle covered her nose, waiting for the nausea to pass. She figured it must be the garlic in the carbonara in fridge. Definitely too strong!

                   She quickly cleaned out the fridge and then worked with Wren on walking. Between Abrielle, Verne and Carrie’s attentions, Wren had mastered walking in no time!

                 And a good thing too. The twins still had many skills to learn and Abrielle discovered that she was pregnant, again.

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 Twins! I wasn't expecting that one. And I swear, Xander already looks like Verne at that age. Wren is not able to be heir (because she is adopted) and we're not doing another clone. Xanthe better be pretty. Or unborn baby, if we get there (no spoilers). Or Abrielle will just have to keep popping them out. 

/me goes and hides Xander in a closet. I don't care if he's a ginger!!!


  1. Xander is pretty friggin adorable and so is Xanthe. (Oh do you pronounce the names with X as Z or ch?)

    I hope unborn baby Y comes out alright. Verne REALLY deserves a happy life after everything you've put the Avendales through. <3

  2. I pronounce it with a z in my head. But, am not gonna lie, I didn't look up the pronunciation when I picked an X name. I just couldn't call her Xena so I had to find something else interesting. Hence the nickname Thea (because I can pronounce that!!!).

  3. Nooooo! Kill the ginger gene! lol (jk to any gingers out there)

    Wren looks adorable, tell me you cheated and edited her? I've stopped adopting kids 'cause my neighbourhoods only seem to have ugly orphans with black skin, white hair and lilac eyes...I mean srsly, who looks like that irl?! No wonder they're up for adoption, lol

    Also, I get the feeling Abrielle's like Pringles; once you pop you just can't stop! lol

  4. D'awww! All the kids are so adorable! And there is ANOTHER one coming! I'm really glad they are taking the time to make sure Wren feels loved and part of the family because she is. =] I still can't believe she is adopted though, she is way too pretty. I had my sim adopt a baby before..then it grew up. O_O Never again....