Monday, February 13, 2012

Chapter 3-4: We've Only Just Begun

                “Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you,” she exclaimed excitedly and watched him slide the ring on her finger.

                 He finally finished another case. This particular one had been rather sensitive so he made sure to show the client that he protected the secrets he was entrusted with. Sure, he also just liked to set things on fire (just a little bit) but the client didn’t have to know that.

                 Verne finally decided that it was time his future in-laws and parents met. Well technically, he needed to meet the future in-laws as well. No time like the present. He figured it would be a good day to start doing wedding planning as well. The Lochners headed over and he anxiously met Alfred outside.

                “Sir, I know that I may have mixed up the order, but, I would be honored to marry your daughter and have your blessing.”

                 “Verne, you seem to make Abrielle a very happy woman. I would love to have you as my son-in-law.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “Just remember, we live in the swamp bogs…it’s really easy to make a body disappear out there.”

                 Inside, the mothers were getting to know each other and discussing the plans for a wedding. Madeline wanted a hippie wedding, Carrie was sure of it. The way the woman talked, she would have Verne and Abrielle living in a grass hut eating berries to preserve nature yet working at the science facility to devote their lives to environmental research and donating all of their earnings to the “cause”. Nut job that one was!

                 Finally, the wedding day arrived. Verne and Abrielle had worked hard to come to an agreement with each of the families but, most importantly it was their day. Carrie was overcome with emotion, watching her youngest child get married. Vesper showed up, looking at Verne like he was crazy. They all gathered on the beach, ready to get started.

                 Verne took his place and the guests their seats. It was a small affair but the important people were there. Well, except Aunt Gene but she was home taking care of Emmanuel who was still a tiny baby. Abrielle appeared at the back of the chairs, gossamer and innocent in her dress and Verne’s eyes were only for her.

                 Until Thaddeus doubled over in pain. Abrielle had just made her way up the aisle when he stood from his chair, almost collapsing due to some intestinal pain. The entire wedding halted as Shane quickly took charge of the situation. 

                  Luckily, Shane was an old hand at emergencies such as this and the crowd did little the faze him. His doctor bag, always handy, provided him with some diagnostic tools and, when he’d determined the cause, a pill to make everything better.

                 The couple headed back to the altar. They had missed the sunset that they had so carefully planned for but did it really matter? Soon, they would be husband and wife. Even Vesper was crying tears of joy for her brother. 

                 Verne slipped the ring onto his bride’s finger. The crowd couldn’t be more pleased. 

                  Except Gabriel, the guy Abrielle broke up with for Verne. He certainly wasn’t invited but there he was, mourning his loss at their wedding anyway.

                 “You may kiss the bride,” and Verne did. It was magical.

                 The headed over to cut the cake, family looking on, Madeline dealing with Gabriel in the background. No cake smushing for these two, they were much too classy for that. Or hungry. No need to waste food. Abrielle’s mother would have had a heart attack. She was already upset about the turkey they were serving.

                 Husband and wife stole to the dance floor, alone in their joy. Sure they were surrounded by the people that meant the most to them but, in those moments; they were just the two of them. Verne couldn’t get over the fact that he had found such a beautiful woman and, even though he had known her for such a short while, she was now his wife. The universe was finally siding with him.

                 When they arrived at their hotel for the night, Verne carried Abrielle over the threshold. He knew it wasn’t the same as the house but the idea of spending his wedding night in the house with his parents was too scary to have considered.

                 He stripped to his boxers getting comfy on the bed, while Abrielle ‘freshened up’ as she put it in the bathroom. He could feel his heart pounding and his palms were starting to get sweaty. He rubbed them on the comforter, trying to dry them off. He heard the door unlatch so he quickly folded his arms, to look at ease, as his bride emerged.

                 “Ab, Abrielle, I have, um, I’ve never done this before,” he stammered to her.
                She smiled seductively at him and scooted close, making him forget his anxieties. 

                 Soon they were naked, ready for their first night as husband and wife. Verne paused above her, not in fear or cautiousness, but to gaze into her eyes.

                “I love you,” he whispered, and then she was pulling him closer and they were making love.

                 Their days settled into a routine. Abrielle would get up early and head to work at the elementary school. Verne would go around town, investigating criminal activities and mundane petty feuds. Abrielle usually arrived home first and would either prepare dinner or study cooking. She seemed to enjoy throwing herself into learning the ‘duties’ of a wife. 

                 When Verne got home, she would greet him at the door with a smile and a kiss.

                 Until one day, she greeted him with something else.
                “Guess what,” she said, practically vibrating with energy.
                “Um, you taught Rump to get juice out of the fridge for us,” he joked.
                “No. I’m pregnant!”

                 Verne was astounded, in a good way. They had discussed their desire to have a big family but he couldn’t believe it was happening so fast. He had expected their first baby to take time. He couldn’t wait to find out more; what gender it would be, who it would look like more. He started planning where they would put the nursery. It was about time to do renovations on the house again anyway.

                A few weeks later, Abrielle tossed and turned in bed. She just couldn’t get comfortable, couldn’t fall asleep. She decided to get up and walk around. It was almost morning so the sun would be rising soon. Maybe she could watch as it came over the hills. Just as the purple started to graze the horizon, she felt a horrible, stabbing pain in her midsection. 

                  “Please, not this again,” she thought, knowing exactly what it was.

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  1. Lol was ready this with my 5 year old niece, luckily is saw the naked picture before her and managed to get her out the room :P

    Awww whats wrong with Abrielle? :(

  2. Naked picture in the middle of my law class on an un-secure school network! : D I am sooo getting kicked out.

    Oh poor Abrielle! I know you try to keep your story realistic, but the first thing I thought about when she got pain was wondering if she was a werewolf or something. >_> Let me believe what I want, okay?

    The wedding was so beautiful. <3

  3. Hey! There is an adult content warning. :P

    As for the "what's wrong", still wrapping on the explanation. Still not sure exactly what form it will take at the moment.

    Cece, glad you enjoyed the wedding because that makes it worth it. Otherwise, the only thing I get out of it is frayed nerves. Silly pixel dollies not listening!

  4. I enjoyed the wedding as well. I know how much a pain in the arse those things can be - which is why I haven't attempted one since Olive's wedding. You, my friend, have patience.

    And I'm interested to see where you take Abrielle's illness? I'm not really sure what to call it yet - but I'm worried for her!

  5. I agree with the rest, a wedding is a pain in the ass, but does make for gorgeous pictures!! I loved your beach wedding (and when do pixel dollies ever do what you want :()

    And I agree with Lady Awesome there :P Again??? Oh gosh, I do hope it's something to overcome and that it won't hurt the baby :*( (or that it is the baby :()

  6. Kayla and klevin took the words right outta my mouth, Again?! I'm glad I'm catching up so I don't have the agonizing wait to find out the rest of the story! *scuttles off to continue reading*

  7. I am so insanely hooked on this story! Your cliffhangers... They just kill me! I don't even want to take the time to comment because I so badly want to see what happens next!!!

    ...But I just have to comment on that wedding. It was stunning! I think I would have murdered that Sim who had an episode right before the vows were exchanged though. I HATE wedding parties for that very reason. They are so hard to pull off, but yours was wonderful.

  8. I also enjoyed the wedding. It was very beautiful but I do understand your aggravation. Lol.

    O_O Again? Again what? I did lol when Verne said the Universe was finally siding with him. I was like ,"lol at you Verne. You're so funny."

  9. I feel like I have an unfair advantage here, being able to read the next chapter right away. =P