Friday, February 3, 2012

Chapter 3-2: Sparks Fly

                The day for graduation finally arrived. Shane and Carrie watched as their children crossed the stage to receive their diplomas. Neither had ever felt so proud. Of course, Uvie’s name went unspoken but she wasn’t forgotten. Verne stood and gave his valedictorian speech, urging his fellow classmates to never settle for mediocre and to always, each day, fight to do better than the last and making a lasting and meaningful difference for at least one person. Carrie openly cried and Shane sniffed into a handkerchief. He wouldn’t admit to tears, “just a bit of a head cold”.

                After the ceremony, Shane decided to take his family out for dinner to celebrate. Vesper and Verne looked at one another, both knowing that this was truly the day they became adults and set out to each conquer a piece of the world.

                 “Ha, I can’t believe Verne was voted Most Likely to Never Leave the House,” Vesper teased as they sat around at the bistro, discussing the ceremony. “That couldn’t have been further from the truth.” She winked at him and he smiled back, knowing the teasing was in good humor.
                ‘Oh yeah, Miss Popular? I don’t think you’ve ever been popular a day in your life. They were all just too scared to vote for anyone else.”
                “What? I’ve never been mean! Just,” she paused “honest”.
                In all, the celebratory dinner was just the thing the family needed. Vesper announced that she would be moving out the next morning and, knowing how caught up she got in her paintings, who knew when she would emerge for some family time.

                As they were heading home, Vesper’s phone rang. It was Thaddeus inviting her out for drinks in honor of the end of her high school career. Giddy, and a bit embarrassed by such behavior from herself, she agreed to meet him at the country club. When she arrived he greeted her as normal to which she was rather disappointed. Still no first kiss.

                “I’ll get the drinks,” she offered, hoping for a chance to yell at herself in the bathroom mirror.
                “Okay, I’ll meet you on the patio,” he grinned and headed out back.
                She scooped up the rounds and started for the patio. When she first walked out, she didn’t see him. Then she saw his halo of blond hair over by the Jacuzzi. When she got close, she realized he had decided to skinny dip.

                “Care to join me,” he jested.
                She stood, holding the drinks for just a moment before deciding that yes, yes she certainly would like to join him.

                 The next morning, Verne searched the newspaper for any classes that would allow him to get a private investigator’s license. When he didn’t find anything, he made a call to City Hall. What he discovered is that experience and word-of-mouth were really all he needed. He could register as an investigator with them and then, people in need of those services, could choose from any of the registrants. He immediately had them enter his information.

                “Dude what are you wearing,” Cary grimaced at Verne’s outfit.

                 “Hey, I’m an investigator now, I need to look the part,” he chuckled. Truth be told, he felt silly and debonair in his coat, tie and hat. If it was possible to feel those two things at the same time.

                 After Cary headed off, Verne decided he needed to get a little practice in staking out locations. Never knew when it would come in handy. “Ooh, some guy on a phone. Let’s stake it out and see what he’s hiding,” Verne thought. Perhaps he might be getting a little too hung up in this job already.          

                 “Um, excuse me, what are you doing,” a voice called out to him. “Do you know those plants you pulled up are boxwoods and not common in this area. They were imported from Sunset Valley and you might be damaging the effects they have on helping sustain some of the local wildlife.”
                “Are you an environmentalist,” Verne turned to find a very pretty young woman behind him.
                “No, I’m not. Just a concerned citizen.” She frowned disapprovingly at his dropped bushes.

                “Oh, I see. Well, these are actually fake bushes”. He rustled them at her and then quickly pressed the button on the main stalk and watched as they folded back into a tiny package. He’d seen them in the SimMall magazine and, even though they were rather ridiculous, he figured they would come in handy.
                “Oh! That’s clever,” she smiled now. Verne didn’t think that SimMall had picking up women listed as a benefit of Finnigan’s Folding Foliage but he wouldn’t question it.

                 Just at that moment, when he was about to ask her about herself, his cell phone chirped at him. He had someone requesting his services. He bid the young woman farewell and realized that he had never even caught her name.

                “You came,” the old woman greeted him as he met her in the park at the requested time.
                “Yes, you need a cunning investigator,” he offered, trying to be smooth like in the old movies but he didn’t seem to pull it off very well. 

                 The woman explained that someone at work seemed to be slandering her on some online forum and she wanted proof so she could do something about it. “This wasn’t quite what I had in mind” but he knew a paycheck was a paycheck so he took the case.

                He headed home and arrived just in time to eat dinner with his father.
                “So, how was the first day on the job,” Shane asked.
                “well, I have a new case. I also met a really pretty girl,” Verne grinned into his plate.
                ‘What? You met a girl and you’re eating goopy carbonara? Do you have any idea what’s in that?”

                 After dinner, Verne found himself working out. He told himself it was for work. What if he needed to run from a dog or climb a tree or, or, or something. But he couldn’t shake the girl’s pretty face from his head as he stretched out his muscles.

                He awoke fresh and ready to start his day. He headed to the house his client had directed him to so he could get a look at her computer. Of course the door was locked. He glanced around and decided that he should try his hand at picking it. 

                 Frustrated, he gave up after about five minutes. He stood to leave.
                “Are you stalking me,” he heard a familiar voice behind him.

                “Um, no, I’m not. I’m looking for someone,” he answered. It was the girl from yesterday! What luck. Though, it wouldn’t be much luck if she had stood watching before she spoke. “I’m looking for Madeline Lochner. Is that you? I never did catch your name.”
                “That’s my mother. I’m Abrielle,” she responded looking skeptical. Verne changed the subject.

                “You look really lovely. I think that color suits you,” he half-whispered looking at the ground, embarrassed by what had come out of his mouth. “I was supposed to ask if she was new to town,”  he groaned inwardly.

                 “You’re a liar.”
                “A liar, you heard me.” He panicked, trying to think of what to say. “Don’t you know that everyone says redheads should never wear pink,” and with that she finally laughed.

                 “Well, I think it’s nice,” he asserted, breathing a sigh of relief.
                “Can I take you out for dinner,” he then blurted.
                “There’s a little pub right down the road. Let me change.”

                So she did and they hopped in her beat up car and headed to Carl’s. The ride over, though it was maybe only a 5 minute drive, had Verne nervous and his palms sweating. 

                 She looked gorgeous and he had never actually been on a date before. Only he needn’t have worried. Abrielle was fun and easy going. When they first arrived, she headed straight to the darts. Turns out, she was pretty good and, crippled with sweaty palms, Verne was no match. She easily beat him so they headed out to the dance floor.

                 “She’s good,” Abrielle commented, regarding the guitar player. Verne sneaked a peek over his shoulder and realized it was Vesper.
                “Ah, that’s my twin sister,” he revealed. Vesper winked at him and continued to play, slowing to a softer tune.

                Abrielle wasn’t quite ready for slow dancing so Verne decided to go get some drinks. Truth be told, he was having a great time and wasn’t sure he was ready for a slow dance either. He didn’t want to ruin things before they really got started. As he waited for the bartender, he glanced at the clock and realized that it was almost three in the morning!

                “Here you go,” he handed her drink over and they stood sipping in a comfortable silence.
                “Oh my gosh, did that guy behind me just pee on the floor,” Abrielle gasped. “I think we should get out of here.” They both laughed and hurried out the door.

                 He walked her down to the street where they were both surprised to see the sun starting to rise. She explained she had to work in the morning but hoped to hear from him soon and hopped in her car. 

                 Verne stood watching her, knowing that, one day, he was going to marry her.

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  1. Aww, Verne is such a lovable goof, lol. Abrielle is pretty...surely not the spawn of EA? Or did she get a pretty hefty make-over? lol

    I loved Verne with his bushes. I've never tried the PI career but might have to now. And Vesper, one word: Harlot!! :p

  2. What's this? The possibility of a HAPPY generation? Please Heaven, no more heart break : ( It hurts. And sweet Verne deserves better. (Plus come on. He's a hottie. Life should be easy when you're hot!)

    Oh and THANK YOU for the Thadd fanservice. Pardon me, goanna go stare at that photo again...

  3. Abrielle is my own creation. I couldn't let him marry a Bayless offspring. It broke my heart just thinking about it.

    And Cece, I don't know about perfectly happy. After all, everyone has problems, haven't you heard? But we'll see. And glad you like the Thadd picture. I'm more a Verne girl myself. :P

  4. Abrielle is friggin' adorable. If she and Verne do get hitched, they are going to have some awesomely cute children (also, go redheads!).

  5. Abrielle is so pretty! perfect match for Verne if I may say so! (and hope so)

  6. Abrielle is so adorable! I really enjoyed their first meeting. I love Verne. He's so sweet and he makes me smile. I also love that in the Sims you can completely skip over your first kiss and go straight to seeing each other naked. Lol.

  7. Verne is adorable in that outfit.

    1. D'awww! I know! He certainly wasn't my pick for the heir vote but he really grew on me.