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Chapter 3-3: Eternal Flame

                After his date with Abrielle, Verne attempts to go back to work. He quickly invests in a computer that he can use for correspondence with his clients and, also, for some of the shadier parts of being an investigator. 

                 Soon, he cracks his first case. It does little to make him feel proud. It involved some hacking and then more devious acts to reverse the slander that had occurred in the first place. 

                 Instead, it just made him think of Abrielle more since it was her mother he had been investigating. His phone rings, interrupting his train of thought.

                 “Verne, it’s Abrielle. Can we meet up,” she asks, sounding upset.
                 “Sure,” he replies cheerily though inside he’s fervently praying she has not discovered his remote access to her mother’s computer.        

                Verne makes a quick stop on the way to the theatre.
                “I got you something,” he mumbles, suddenly unsure about his surprise.

                 “Oh Verne, they’re lovely. How did you know I was upset?”

                 “Erm, I just could tell.”
                “I quit my job,” she blurts out. “The hospital just wasn’t for me. It’s too sad. So many sick people, some that will never get better. I felt like I was suffocating there.”

                 Verne understood. Though he had never mentioned it to anyone, especially his father, the hospital always made him feel depressed and in need of something cheery.
                “I didn’t quit without a back-up though,” she suddenly pauses.
                “Well, what is it,” he asks, wondering what her back-up could possibly be that she would be afraid to say it.
                “School. Well, education. I love kids. I think it would be so great to be around them all day. My parents think that doing something more worthwhile, like the science lab, would be better.”
                “I think you should do whatever makes you happy. Let’s celebrate your new career,” he exclaims and pulls her towards the bistro.

                “Mmm, if my mother could see me now. She would be mortified,” Abrielle moans as she takes a bite of her hot dog.

                 “Yes, I can see the serious implications of eating a hot dog. Sure to become one of those crazy, inebriated girls on that Sims Gone Wild franchise,” Verne says with a straight face.

                “Are you for real,” Abrielle laughs. She was sure he would make some sexist remark about a hot dog but he doesn’t even sneak a glance. Instead, he debates the ethics of veganism. She silences him.

                 “Shhh, never tell but I’m not a vegetarian.”
                “Really,” he gasps in mock shock and they both break out into laughter. After they finish, she pulls him back to the theatre were they catch the most recent comedy. Both think of how good it feels to laugh.

                After the show, he pulls her to a bench where they sit and watch the stars for a little while. Verne has never been so happy or sure of himself as when he is with her. Then, she does something unexpected.

                 “Verne, thanks for being my white knight today. I needed some cheering up before my date.”

                Just as he was about to confess his feelings for her, she smiles that ‘just friends’ smile at him and excuses herself to go get ready. Wasn’t this a date? Didn’t she ask me out? And I gave her flowers! He replays the conversation and day in his head and realize that he had been too invested. She needed a friend to talk to. She assumed the white (Watcher, you are an idiot, white flowers! That symbolize innocence and purity? White???) flowers were to cheer her up, never seeing them as a romantic gesture. He watches her walking away, towards her date, towards her future, and he stands, letting her leave without a word.

                He arrives back at the house and immediately heads to bed. He could honestly not care less about the small party in full swing and his absence isn’t really missed.

                “Gene, congratulations! How long have you been keeping this secret from us,” Shane exclaims, hand on her belly, excited about his brother’s news.

                 “Well, waiting for the first trimester to be over. Superstition, you know,” she smiles. “We were hoping you might be able to tell us what we’re to expect.”
                Shane hems and haws for a bit, does some of his medical mumbo-jumbo, some measuring, and proudly declares that they are expecting a boy while Carrie looks on in the background.

                 “In just another 4 months, I’ll be an uncle,” he says excitedly, giving his brother a reproachful glare. “First trimester, my ass. More like second.”
                “Hey, hey! There’s been a lot going on,” Tanner defends Gene’s decision to keep things quiet until they were sure that this was what they wanted. It had been rather unexpected but it was the best thing that had ever happened to him and he couldn’t imagine not having Gene or this baby.
                The men and women divide as so often happens when families get together. Both groups though had nothing but praise to say about the other. Warnings, hints and advice, and perhaps some cautionary tales were told all around but both parties couldn’t imagine life without the other.

                 A date. She had a date. And she hasn’t called to tell me how it has gone. Verne can’t stop obsessing over Abrielle. I should have just told her how I felt. Should have just let her know I had feelings for her and then, maybe she wouldn’t have gone.

                He wakes to find a note slipped under his door from his Aunt Gene. Being pregnant and on maternity leave has given her much time to be bored and watch the neighbors more closely. She’s certain one of them as been operating within local crime circles and she can’t have that kind of activity going on when she is about to bring a baby into the world. He texts her and lets her know he’ll look into it.

                He quickly makes work of searching through the neighbor’s trash. He glances around not really interested in anyone seeing him digging through trash.

                  Fortunately, or maybe no, nothing seems to be interesting. Onto the mail box. Maybe there will be something there. Pay dirt. Not only is there solid evidence of the neighbor’s involvement in a small crime ring, there is a quick note thanking the owner for the deal on boat rental for his date. Abrielle had a great time. Abrielle! So the date was good? I haven't talked to her in over a week. Crap, crap, crap.

                 He can’t stand it anymore. Even if she doesn’t share his feelings, he has to at least tell her. He has to give them a chance before she gets serious with someone else. He calls her and asks her to meet him at the promenade. On the way over, his stomach starts to turn and he is in serious danger of puking in the cab. When he arrives, she looks just as she did when he first met her. They’ve developed such a good friendship and he seriously contemplates avoiding the whole situation, just to keep her, even if only as a friend. Coward. You can do this.

                “Look, can we walk,” he asks and starts down the stairs.

                 He stares at the ground, not knowing where to begin or what words to say. 

                 “Abrielle, I, well, I have feelings for you. I know we’re just friends but, I know there’s more than that.”
                “Verne, I had no idea you felt this way,” she responds, looking rather concerned.

                 “If you don’t…”
                “Shh,” she cuts him off, pulling him into a hug. It’s more than he expected and his face lights with joy.

                 “Verne, there’s something you should know…”
                “Abrielle, I know everything I need to know. Nothing you will say can change my mind. Don’t worry about it,” he says, taking her hands in his.

                 She knows she should tell him. It’s obvious he wants more than just one date with her. How can you start a relationship when something like this looms over you? The moment he had confessed his feelings, she knew that she would need to tell him before they dive into a relationship. That same hug that had been so joyous for him had felt like a ticking time bomb starting it’s countdown for her. No more secrets, she had promised herself.

                 And then, he kissed her. Nothing flashy, nothing planned or contrived. Just a sweet, shy kiss that left him nearly as surprised as she was.

                 “Abrielle, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” Verne stared into her eyes, lost in them, oblivious to her silent, personal battle. 

                  He kissed her again. This time both of them were more aware, less surprised by this one. Her hand found his, tentatively though and they seemed to pause at that moment. 

                  Reality returned though and, with it, a sense of urgency Verne had never felt before. He knew his father’s story and his grandmother’s before that. He knew that the Avendales seemed to always lose those they loved. He couldn’t lose her. He had lost enough already in his young life. He was certain of his next step, more sure of himself with her than ever in his life.

                “This is going to sound crazy but please, just listen,” he starts slowly. “In the time that we have known each other and become friends, I’ve fallen for you. I know I am just confessing this now, but I’ve been too scared of losing you to say anything before. Until I realized that not saying anything may be the very thing that enables that loss.”

                  “I know it’s unexpected, maybe even considered foolish,” he drops to one knee. “Abrielle, I love you. You have somehow snuck into my heart and taken it captor. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Will you marry me?”


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  1. If she says no I will bite her. I dunno how seeing as she's a sim, and I'm not... but I'll find a way dammit. That said... DAMMIT VERNE. NEVER PROPOSE ON THE FIRST DATE! *Head -> Desk*

    Still, I admit to cooing. That was adorable. And I do hope Verne gets his happy ending.

    (Yes I'm ignoring Abrielle's inner turmoil. I refuse to accept that anything is wrong with her)

  2. Wow, heaven I am completely engrossed in your legacy. I love how you have written all of your chapters so far. :D

    On another note, Verne no proposing on the first date!! *facepalm* :o

    P.S. I found your legacy on Angie's list. :D

  3. I know, right??? He couldn't risk letting her get away again. Honestly though, the men in my legacy are romantic saps. Hopefully the next chapter will be up this week. I've been distracted by Riverview progress.

    And a_fire_inside, so nice to have a new reader. I am glad you are enjoying it. :)

  4. Aww, Verne. So intense but in a niaive (+sp), innocent way, lol. Hope it doesn't scare her off :/

    Am I the only one insanely excited to see what Tanner and Gene's baby looks like? lol blaming me if he's an ugger! :p

  5. I love this! She had better say yes! <3

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