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Chapter 6-2: Good Girls Go Bad, Part 2

                “Bye guys! I’m headed out for a date,” Emerson calls out. Renata sits watching the television acting like she doesn't even hear him.

                As soon as she hears the door click closed though she rushes to Evangeline. “Please, please go to a party with me.”
                “After last time, I kind of swore off parties Ren.”
                “I’m begging. Don’t make me do it on my knees. I, uh, I met this guy online and he’s going to be there. I don’t want to go alone though, just in case.”
                “Fine, fine. Let me take a quick shower. Where is it?”
                “Where else? The fraternity house.” Fuck. Maybe Miles won't be there. Of course he would be. I can manage to avoid him, right?

                Hank Macklamoor introduces himself as Renata’s online date. She tries to ignore the fact that he’s a ginger. The only picture of him on his profile had been a close-up and he’d been wearing a hat. She hadn't noticed the hair then. Before she thinks too much on it, she pushes Emerson out of her mind.

                “Dance with me,” Miles pulls Evangeline in for a slow dance when he sees her. Acting on instinct, she starts to pull away but hears Kieran’s voice in her head “Figure out what you want...” She smiles tentatively at him and relaxes into his hold a little.

                “You ran off the other morning, before we could talk.”
                “I know. It’s just, complicated.”
                “I figured that much. Jeffrey told me…” She interrupted before he could finish.
                “What? That I’d just fall into bed with you? Is that why you hung out with me? Hoping to get laid?” She pushed him back, shaking her head.

                “What, no. I mean, yes. I mean, Evey, let me explain.” His face was full of confusion and distress, trying to make her listen. 
                “Don’t call me that!” She turned and ran for the door.
                “Evangeline, wait.” Without looking back, she took off down the steps. “What are you looking at Rex? For a 60 something perpetual partier, you sure look rather judgmental,” he snapped at his roommate.

                Evangeline grabbed her bike and sped for home, forgetting about her promise to be Renata’s wing woman for the night. Unfortunately, she could have used one because, as we've all learned by now, parties and beer = bad decisions. Breathlessly pulling out of their embrace, Renata invites Hank back to her place.

                “So, um, yeah, this is fun,” Ann rolls her eyes, sighing loudly to get Emerson’s attention. “I thought we were on a date?”

                “We are. I just thought studying would be a good idea.”
                “Who’re you hung up on?”
                “What? Why would you ask that? No one.”
                “A girl can always tell.”
                “I thought you were an art major, not a psych major. How about you keep the evaluation to yourself,” he snapped.
                “Fine,” she snapped back. “If you’re not hung up on someone else, you’re just a lousy date. I’m outta here.”

                Maybe Ann was right. For months now, he and Renata had been pretending nothing had ever happened between them. He’d gotten good at faking his confidence but this was an entirely different scenario. They just needed to live up to it and get over it. Pretending something didn't happen gave it more importance and meaning than it would otherwise have. He packed up his bag and headed for home, resolving that he’d have a chat with Renata about it, first thing.

                Renata gasped as Emerson walked in the front door and froze. “Get. Out.” Hank was not happy with the intrusion.

                “Fuck you. This is my living room. If you want privacy, take it upstairs or you can leave.”
                Infuriated with her roommate’s behavior, Renata glared at Emerson, humiliation gone. “Come on Hank.” She tossed the remote for the TV at Emerson as she passed him. “You might want to stay down here. It’ll be awhile.”

                The next morning, Renata came downstairs, mortified with her own behavior the night before. Her grandmother hadn't raised her this way. She’d only planned on going to second, maybe third base with Hank, not sleeping with him. She’s completely allowed her anger to get the best of her and she’d gone farther than she’d planned. This morning though, she wanted to try to make amends for the way she had acted.

                “The living room is a pretty public place.” Emerson was quick to get the conversation started.
                “I know. I thought you were supposed to be out on a date.”
                “So, what? You figured you’d fuck on the couch?”
                “Where I fuck is my own business!” This was NOT going as planned. “Look, sorry. Why do you care anyway?”
                “I didn't know you were seeing anyone. Besides, I’m really not interested in seeing strange, naked ass in my living room.”
                “I’m not ‘seeing’ anyone.”
                “Looked like it to me.”
                She insisted otherwise. “You can see who you want. Just, let me know next time.”
                “I was trying to make you jealous,” she finally shouted.

                His look of incredulity was quickly replaced by anger. “You’re the one who wanted to pretend nothing happened! It was perfectly within my right to date other girls!” His shouting was sure to wake his sister. “I’m going to the gym.” He stormed out without letting Renata speak another word.

                The following weeks led to some of the tensest in the house. Neither Emerson nor Renata were speaking to each other and tried to avoid being in the same room. Evangeline couldn't get either of them to discuss it, either with her or each other so she tried to spend as much time in either her room or out of the house as possible.

                One evening, checking her email, she found a note from Neal.

                “Even though we’re far apart, I don’t go a day without thinking of you. I love you so much.”

                Instead of feeling light-hearted and happy, all she could feel was the heavy guilt weighing on her shoulders. Without invitation, Miles suddenly sprang to her mind. She tried to push him out and lock the door behind him but he just stood there, silently, waiting.

                Meeting up with Kieran for a game of pool at the Grotto, she told him about the email and the unbidden thoughts of Miles. “What do you think it means?”

                “That you’re not taking my advice.”
                “Yes seriously. You may be married but obviously you don’t know what you want. It may not be fair to Neal to ‘date’ someone but if you would rather be with someone else, better to find out now than drag this out any longer than it should be.”
                “What am I supposed to do? Besides, he only hooked up with me because he heard I was easy.”
                “Did he say that?”
                “Well, not exactly.”
                “Give him a chance to explain. I've got a handful of tickets for a concert this weekend. Why don’t you invite him out with a big group? It won’t be a party and it won’t be a date either. Just talk to him. See if you even like him.”
                “No promises.”

                She didn't actively seek Miles out but the campus wasn't large enough that she could avoid him completely.
                “Uh, hi Evangeline.” He stood behind her in line at the coffee bar.
                Once again, Kieran’s words whisper in her ear and she finds herself inviting him out to the concert the next night.

                The group meets in front of the theater. Evangeline had managed to convince both Renata and Emerson to come as well but the tension between the two of them was still thick enough to slice up and cook with the morning bacon. Renata tried to overcompensate by being especially lively and entertaining but no one was fooled.

                “I’m really glad you invited me out.” After the concert is over, Emerson and Renata quickly depart, each going in different directions, leaving Miles with Evangeline and Kieran. Kieran can easily see that something is there so he slips away without a word.

                “Yeah, I’m glad you came. I didn't know you liked that music.”
                “Of course! It’s the best to run to.”
                “I guess there’s a lot I don’t know about you. Em likes working out but he prefers weights. And Renata isn't the biggest fan of working out so I usually run alone.”
                “Maybe we should run together sometime.”
                His face got serious all of a sudden. “You never let me finish explaining, at the party.”
                She shook her head. “We don’t have to talk about it. We’re having a nice time, don’t ruin it.”
                “Jeffrey did tell me you were easy. He also told me he planned on finishing what you two started last semester. I was just planning on hanging out with you for the night. I didn't plan on feeling something for you.”

                He took her hands in his. “Please forgive me. Give getting to know me a chance.” He kissed her cheek and walked away, without waiting for an answer.

                As the rain started to fall around her, Evangeline felt like a complete ass. Because she had made a mistake, she’d misjudged Miles, who seemed like a perfectly nice guy. Furthermore, she was surprised at how much they had in common and found herself wanting to get to know him even more, against her better judgment. How much deeper was she willing to go into this?

(Cue Montage)

                True to his word, Miles met with Evangeline to go for a run early one morning. Though it was obvious he could run faster, he matched his pace to hers and they ran in comfortable silence through the hills with the sun rising in the distance. Afterwards, they headed to Roasted Toasted Beans.

                “What do you mean you've never had coffee before? I see you in here all the time!” She couldn't believe he’d never tried it but the look on his face said it all.

                “I usually get an energy drink, not coffee.”
                “What do you think coffee is? Caffeine silly! Natural energy without all that extra crap.” She turned to the barista. “Two Kona Lifts please, no sugar.”

                “Awesome, right? Of course it’s awesome. How could you not like coffee?”

                Later that week, he picked her up and took her to Simburger. They sat in the car for hours, talking about their likes and dislikes, what their life had been growing up, what they hoped for in the future. When he finally put the car into reverse to take her home, Evangeline sighed, sad that the evening was over already.

                “Don’t mess up,” she whispered in his ear as he concentrated on his form.
                It took all of his willpower not to turn around and grab her in a kiss and show her just how messed up he already was in her presence. The concentration landed him his first strike of the night.

                Miles was carefree and easy with his affection, never worrying about what other people might think or if they would think him silly. He didn’t mind taking goofy pictures with her and his lighthearted nature influenced Evangeline’s typical grumpy demeanor.

                Yes Emerson, we see you watching. Don’t worry, Kieran’s not interested in Renata.

                Slowly, Evangeline wanted more than just the friendship she had developed with Miles. She still didn’t know what that meant in the grand scheme of things though.

                She still kept the secret from Renata and her brother although she was sure they probably had a good idea of what was going on. She never came out and told them though.
                “The more time we spend together, the more time I want to spend with you.”
                She laughed. “That doesn’t make any sense.”
                “Evangeline, I’m falling…” She quickly shushed him before he could finish the sentence. She wasn’t ready to think about long term consequences just yet. There were still a few more weeks before the end of the semester.

                Miles wasn’t quite as willing to leave things unsaid. The week had been unseasonably warm and the fraternity had decided to hold a warm-weather-rager (so they called it). Alone in the garage, Miles hoisted her onto the pool table.
                “Leave him.” Though it was formed as a command, the words escaped sounding more like a desperate plea.

                “Miles, I can’t.”
                “Aren't you happy?”
                “More than ever.”
                “More than with him?” His eyes search hers, desperate to know if he stands a chance. “You don’t wear your ring anymore when you’re with me.” She realized he’d noticed. She hadn't been able to leave it on when they were together. The cold metal against her finger was a silent yet glaring reminder every day that what she was doing was wrong. She couldn't bear to wear it when she was with him but she hadn't been able to make herself stop seeing him either.
                “I, I don’t know anymore! Why does it even matter? You knew what you were getting into when you asked to get to know me. Well, here it is, all fucked up, tied neatly in a bow.”
                “Don’t you get it?” Her eyes clouded with turmoil, knowing what he was going to say but unable to get the words out to stop him. “I love you. I don’t want you to go home to him. I want you to myself because I’m in love with you!”

                Unable to take it anymore, incapable of figuring out her feelings, she shoved her hands against his chest, mouth set in an angry line. She wanted to storm out and go home to hide under her covers. He stood like a rock in her way, unmoving, unbreakable.
                “I’m sorry. I have no right to ask that of you,” he whispered. “Stay. I’ll be okay with what you’re willing to give.” She knew it wasn't fair to ask that of him, that it wasn't for to ask for his loyalty when, soon, she would be going back to St. Claire, back to her husband. Unfair or not though, she wasn't ready to give him up.

                Their last night of the term, Miles changed the route that they usually ran to one that went higher and more west into the hills. He turned on a dirt trail that was concealed among the weeds, leading her through the brush until the came to a clearing that overlooked the entire campus. She flopped into the grass and they sat together in silence. As the sun set, Miles scooted behind her, pulling her into an embrace.

                “I’m going to miss you.” His voice was barely an octave above a whisper.
                “I’ll miss you too,” she dropped her head back against his chest and fought the tears that were threatening to spill on her cheeks. Why didn't anyone warn her that life wasn't as easy as everyone made it look?

Chapter 6.2, Part 1                                                                                                                                           Chapter 6.3

Renata and Emerson are exactly the reason why I never allow free will to be on high. That kiss in 6-1 was supposed to be a one off occurrence due to the juiced moodlet. Instead, once I turned on free will, every time I left the two to their own devices, I'd come back to find them autonomously flirting with each other. Then, they'd autonomously get mad seemingly when the other so much as looked in another sim's direction and drop everything to "accuse of cheating". They're driving me insane.

Since it's not important to the story, I'll mention (and update the side info space) that Evangeline's Generation Goal is Perfectionist. I haven't quite decided which she's going to perfect yet though I'm thinking Handiness. Her father has that skill maxed out and does all the upkeep on the house. When he's gone, the repairs will have to fall to someone and Evangeline wouldn't want to let her daddy down.

Also, Evangeline, Emerson, and Renata are all available in the Downloads tab with their CC listed in the Resources & WCIF tab.

For anyone wondering: when I first moved to Uni, I went ahead and remade a good portion of the sims over. Probably at least half of them. I "Edited in CAS" which left the traits and personality attributes but edited the looks, usually by replacing them with a binned sim. So, for example, Jeffrey is still Jeffrey Dean just looks different. Miles is still Miles Forthright, but the looks come from Nicholas Eberstark by shock&shame.


  1. Thanks for the downloads! I grabbed all of 'em. Evangeline and Renata are both so delicately pretty, and Emerson is just a doll, I love him.

    Aw. Her date only reminds her of Emerson. Miles seems a little weird. He admits what he'd heard from Jeffrey, but makes it sound like that's not why he approached her?

    Hm. You know I've been wondering about Em and Renata. I figured she liked him, but he's seemed rather carefree in his involvements, so I'm surprised he thinks that party kiss (from early last semester, wasn't it?) needs to be discussed. Although that discussion didn't go so hot, it didn't seem to rule out anything on Emerson's part.

    I still can't figure Miles out. It seems he fell for her pretty damn quickly. Couldn't that be as bad a thing to jump into as her marriage? Not that I'm saying she should stay with Neal; Keiran gave her good advice in that she should figure out what she really wants rather than dragging out a marriage that she isn't committed to.

    1. Miles is actually a good guy and, as pointed out last chapter, Jeffrey is a douche. When Miles heard what Jeffrey said, he assumed the worst (drugging/date rape) and wanted to hang out with Evangeline, just to keep an eye on her. And then, like it always seems to with her, things just got out of hand and she took things too far. Seems to be a constant with this generation.

      You appear to hit the nail on the head. Miles may be a good guy but jumping from one serious relationship into another just seems like a bad idea, doesn't it?

      Like Emerson said, pretending something didn't happen gives it more importance than saying "yeah, we kissed, so what". However, his anger seems to say otherwise.

  2. Oh dear, all kinds of messiness there! Love triangles never end well, someone always gets hurt, usually more than one someone, lol
    And Em and Renata---more messiness there! I'd say they both have some unresolved feelings towards each other. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of those two!

    1. Messy, messy, for sure all around! Love triangles certainly are no fun (except to us bystanders).

  3. Such a mess, for everyone. Em and Renata need to sort themselves out (I love how autonomy made that happen),and poor Evey has some big decisions to make.
    Marrying right out of high school was a big mistake for her. Now that she's out experiencing life, she's learning that.

    1. Autonomy is my worst nightmare though it seems to be agreeing with everyone that Renata and Emerson should give a relationship a shot.

      Yes, I think she jumped into marriage without really thinking that it was only one of her many options.

  4. I like Miles! Much better than Neal, imo. He and Evey seem to work really well together as a couple. Although Misty makes an excellent point that Evangeline may not want to get into another serious relationship right now. =( Still, I hope she and Miles can work it out. (And I'm not just saying that because I want to see more pictures of him without his shirt on. ;)

    The old guy at the frat party made me LOL so hard! And I'm still rooting for Emerson and Renata to hook up. They'd be adorable together! Also, I *love* your pictures (as always). The last one in particular was really nice.

    1. I like Miles too. I forgot to mention when Misty pointed out that he seemed weird that he actually does have the "Socially Awkward" trait. Maybe that's it! Evangeline still has another term to go before she graduates so I'm sure we'll still see Miles. Just how is the question.

  5. Oh dear, what a mess they've all got themselves into. I think Emerson and Renata need to have a good long chat about stuff and Evey needs to decide if she wants to try and make her marriage work and then talk to Neal properly. I kind of get the feeling that she was more in love with the idea of being in love and married than she was with Neal which is very unfair on him. Finally, if she decides to divorce Neal then she'd do well to spend some time without a relationship to try and work out what she actually wants.

    1. Yeah, she'd watched her parents and never realized that hard work and uncertainty behind the scenes. Even if she wants to make things work with Neal, we still need to find out if he could find it in his heart to forgive her for everything.

  6. Oh wow. Can I just say the tension between Emerson and Renata is delicious and fun. I know it's driving you nuts, but you've done a great job showing just how desperate they are for one another and yet too proud to do anything more about it.

    Evangeline has really gotten her love life tangled up though. Wow. She's got some big decisions coming up and I really hope she thinks long and hard before making one. Though she really needs to figure out who Evangeline is before she tries to make 'Evangeline and X' her focus.

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    Loving the Emerson and Renata tension. I hope they end up together eventually.

    1. I like Miles too. He's good for her, even though she doesn't deserve him.