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Chapter 4-9: Maybe Tomorrow

                The months dwindled by. Yalena felt as though she had lost everyone important to her. The fight with Jeanie had been on ice since that night. Neither woman felt big enough to find the other one to at least talk about what happened. Lyric was off with his pregnant girlfriend and, even though he and Yalena still talked occasionally, he made sure to keep it phone based only. Xander has been busy with his family and Yalena felt ashamed to see him, knowing what he thinks of her. As for Ace and Glen, Yalena had been right when she finally acknowledged that neither man was for her and refused to go down that path again, regardless of how lonely she was.

                She spent most of her time with her girls. Of course, there was work as well but, honestly it wasn’t worth mentioning. Mr. Martin wasn’t raking in the money like he had hoped, even with the sexy grams, as he had taken to calling them, and her jobs were few and far between. She was still struggling to make ends meet but she got by.

                Brielyn wasn’t so sure about her mom’s math skills. When she would ask for homework help, her mom would count on her fingers or waver back and forth on her answers so much that Brielyn finally gave up asking for help. She wasn’t going to flunk from getting back tutoring from her own mother. How embarrassing!

                 A coffee shop nearby was hosting a small scale talent show. The owner was only allowing a certain number of people to perform and Yalena knew she had to be one of them. Her job wasn’t making her much and playing for tips in the park had only ever yielded Mr. Martin. Perhaps she could get discovered at the show.

                “So, what do you say? Can I perform,” Yalena asked the owner, rather desperately.
                “You look a little too cookie cutter to be that interesting but what could be worse than a fat acrobat,” she said gesturing to the man up next. “Go change. You’re on in five.”

                 Yalena hurried to the stage but the moment she set foot up there, she felt her throat start to close. “What’s happening, I’ve never had stage fright before,” she panicked. She lunged for the glass of water and gulped at it and slowly felt her control come back. She took a deep breath and began singing.

                When she was finally calm enough to get past the nervousness, she was able to enjoy the moment. It was such a rush to sing in front of a crowd with the lights on her. They were there to see her!

                The owner of the coffee bar even seemed to like her.

                 Unfortunately, she was not the one to win the show. Surprisingly, it was the fat acrobat who, despite his size, was rather agile. Yalena figured it was all part of his hook: lower everyone’s expectations and then come out with some amazing moves that blow those expectations out of the water. It was brilliant really but no use to a singer.

                When she wasn’t singing for tips or Mr. Martin, she often would go to the indie coffee shop by her house to read. During one such occasion, who should she run into but Katherine? Damn, she really is gorgeous, even that pregnant, Yalena thought forlornly. She tried ignoring her but when she waddled up the stairs, Yalena couldn’t avoid her gaze.

                 So she offered a polite, one sided smile, hoping that it would be enough and Katherine would keep moving on. No such luck, of course.

                “Well, well, look who it is,” she smirked.
                “Good afternoon Katherine.”
                “You look lonely. Must be no drama for the moment.”
                “What are you talking about,” Yalena rolled her eyes.
                “It’s always something with you. Everything has to revolve around poor, pitiful Yalena who’s had such a rough life. Don’t you wonder why people don’t stick around? They’re tired of playing second fiddle to your one note symphony,” Katherine ridiculed her.
                “You’re such a bitch!”

                Katherine gasped in pain, grimacing through her teeth.
                “Oh cut it out, you drama queen,” Yalena scoffed.
                Katherine grimaced again and doubled over in pain.
                “Oh my Watcher. Your water broke. You’re in labor. Crap, what do I do? Oh, right. Hurry, let’s get you to the hospital.” A barista hurried up the stairs to help Katherine to a taxi while Yalena pulled out her phone.

                “Lyric, Katherine’s water just broke. You need to get to the hospital.”

                 Even though she was there when it started and had been friends with Lyric so long, she didn’t join them there. She went home instead and waited, not feeling that she would be welcome at such a happy moment. Finally, he called to tell her that Katherine had given birth to a healthy baby boy they promptly named Cody.
                She reflected yet again on another’s person bad opinion of her. Normally, what Katherine thought would be discarded. Yalena noticed though that it seemed to be similar to what Xander had told her. Her decisions kept leading her to be alone. Maybe Katherine was right too; maybe she put herself first and didn’t give enough attention to the people who were supposed to be important to her.

                When she received an invitation in the mail to Hunter Fierce-Avendale’s christening party, Yalena decided that she would definitely be there. It was time for her to make amends. She walked down the street and headed up to her brother’s apartment. She had no clue what to say or how to start.

                “He’s beautiful,” she said when she saw their son for the first time.
                “Yeah, he is,” Zane cooed over his son while Jeanie eyed her warily. “I’m going to go put him down for a nap. It’s been a long day.”

                 Yalena watched her brother walk up the stairs with the infant cradled close.
                “Jeanie, I am so sorry. I can see how happy he is. How happy you make him.”
                “I just don’t understand why you would think those awful things of me,” Jeanie pleaded for some kind of explanation.

                 “Honestly, I don’t either. I was just, just stupid and selfish. And jealous. You had everything I wanted and I had another baby with another guy that didn’t care enough to stick around.”
                Jeanie leaned in and grabbed her close and they shared a heartfelt and tearful reunion.

                As she began making amends and trying to change her life, things started to look brighter for Yalena. She was finally becoming happy with where she was in life. Sure, she wasn’t a mega super star. She didn’t have a husband. She did have two daughters who she loved more than life itself. Her family and friends were becoming a major part of her life, as they should have always been.

                “What are you so cheery about this morning,” Yalena scowled at Brielyn early one morning as she got up to make breakfast.

                 “Momma, it’s my birthday! You didn’t forget my birthday did you? You better not have,” her little face wrinkled up into her angry face.
                “No baby, of course I didn’t.” Yalena’s face however told a different story and soon her daughter would be old enough to tell. Right now though, she was young and still innocent and failed to notice the panic and shock in her mother’s face.

                After pancakes, Yalena sent Brielyn off to school and scooped up her younger daughter. “C’mon Cami, we have a lot of planning to do if we’re going to get a party ready by tonight.” Camille cooed in happiness and gurgled her agreement.

                “Daddy, you’re here!”
                “Of course I am baby. Where else would I be on my favorite daughter’s birthday,” Glen smiled at Brielyn, always overjoyed to see her excited to see him. He hoped her teen years would not change that.

                 Yalena had managed to get everyone gathered in one place tonight. Her apartment really was small for her large family but it meant so much to her that they had dropped what they were doing to be there for Brielyn. Noticeably absent was Lyric whom she had called and invited to drop by, with Katherine and Cody, of course, and she tried to ignore the gloomy mood that arose from his nonattendance.

                Everyone cheered as Brielyn blew out her candles. Yalena watched, thinking that her beautiful little girl was now a teenager. She couldn’t believe it. Yalena herself was not yet considered middle aged and she had a teenage daughter.

                Glen didn’t seem too happy about it either. He and Yalena shared a look over their daughter’s shoulder. It was then that Yalena realized that her youngest sisters were still teens too! She knew it was almost time for them to finally be adults but, the thought that her daughter wasn’t much younger than them made Yalena feel old.

                 “Thanks mom. The party was nice,” Brielyn kissed her mother’s cheek and headed to bed. The other guests filed out, leaving only Jeanie to help with the mess.

                “Thanks for staying. It’s nice to have someone to clean with,” Yalena laughed wearily. “I’m just going to go put this little monster to bed.”

                As she took Camille to her crib, Lyric came in the door, only about five hours late.

                 “Hey Jeanie, where’s Yalena,” he asked with a deep breath.
                “Lyric, do you really think it’s a good idea to be here?” She knew about the situation between him and Yalena; her friend had told her everything.
                “I don’t know. I just need to talk to her. And wanted to drop something off for Brielyn.”
                “She’s putting Camille down. Just tell her I’ll see her tomorrow,” Jeanie sighed as she left.

                “Lyric, I didn’t expect you,” Yalena was surprised by his appearance.
                “Sorry I’m so late. We need to talk. Will you sit with me?” He gestured to the seat next to him and she sat gingerly, unsure of what he could possibly need to say.
                “You hurt me, turning me down like that,” she began as he just sat there in silence.

                “I know. You hurt me, constantly choosing other guys besides me. Every time I came around, you made it clear you weren’t interested. Katherine and I just sort of fell back together after you and Ace got engaged.”
                 “I’m sorry. Really I am.”
                “I know. I just wanted you to know that I am too. I don’t want to lose our friendship.”
                “Oh Lyric, we’ll always be friends. Nothing will change that. You’ve always been there for me. Even when I’ve been a stubborn cow,” she laughed, pulling him into a hug.

                 “That’s true. Is Brielyn mad I wasn’t here,” he asked, feeling guilty for showing up late.
                “I think she was a little disappointed but she was so excited and there was so much going on I don’t think it really registered. She’ll be fine.” She paused, unsure of where their friendship boundary line was drawn. “How’s Cody, and Katherine.”
                “Cody is amazing. I love that boy more than I can explain,” his eyes lit up as he talked about his son. “But Katherine, she’s no you.”
                He leaned in and softly kissed her. Really, the kiss was more his lips brushing over hers. He pulled back suddenly, aware of what he had done.

                 “Lena, I want this, really I do. I just need to figure some things out first. With Katherine and Cody. I don’t know,” he stammered, insecure for the first time in his life.
                “I’ll be patient. I’ll be your friend and wait until you figure it out,” she smiled, repeating the words that he had once said to her.

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