Saturday, June 2, 2012

Character Bio: Yalena Avendale

Name: Yalena Avendale
Traits: Virtuoso, Good, Neurotic, Bookworm, Genius
Favorites: Country, Grilled Salmon, Green
Aspiration: Vocal Legend

Yalena was lucky enough to be born into a family of immense love and devotion. However, her mother dies when she is a child and her father mentally checks out, unable to cope with a world that his beloved wife is no longer a part of. This leaves Yalena to shoulder much of the responsibility for her younger siblings.

Her father's emotional neglect eventually leads her to seek comfort and love in the arms of an older man whom she meets when she becomes a teen. Infatuation turns to first love which leads to an unexpected pregnancy. Unwilling to tell her father and possibly have the baby's father arrested, Yalena flees town to take refuge with an older brother.

Though she gets older, Yalena's need for love and affection does not help her gain wisdom. Her rush to run away and insistence on independence leaves her broke and destitute, stuck in a job that she hates. She falls for the first man she meets when she starts dating and, once again, finds herself pregnant and unmarried. All the while, she is avoiding the one person who has shown her loyalty and devotion from the day they met.

Can Yalena overcome her issues to find true happiness with someone who really matters or will her string of bad choices only continue?

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