Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chapter 5-12: All This Time

                As the snow continued to fall in St Claire, the soft dusting soon gave way to a thick blanket, covering the world. When Camille went outside to get the laundry, we really need a dryer because ice blocks of clothes are ridiculous, she saw that her daughter had managed to convince Donovan to make a snowman with her.

                “C’mon guys. Let’s go to the park for the winter festival. I heard they've got lots of winter activities and you can make as many snowmen as your heart desires.”

                The family packed up and headed out for a day in Bradford. When they arrived, Emerson spotted Sasha and, of course, wanted to spend time with her. Evangeline spotted a half pip and wanted to try out snowboarding. Camille though, had hoped to spend the day with her family.

                “Mom, winter is here for awhile. We’ll have time to come back. We can spend time together at home.”
                “And we don’t have a half pipe at home,” Evangeline included.
                “Honey, let the kids do what they want. I want to take you ice skating.”

                Having grown up in Storybrook County, Camille had never been subject to snowy winters. St. Claire’s weather had been relatively mild the past few years as well and, not only was this her children’s first experience with snow, it was also hers.

                “It’s not like skating on a pond, no danger of falling through this one,” Donovan explained, carefully guiding her onto the rink. She slipped and slid, trying to catch her balance but Donovan was there, holding her up and supporting her, like always.

                It took a few tries but Evangeline got herself up and flying on the half pipe. She’d not gotten into sports in school because she wasn't really interested in the organized sport circuit, but she loved doing things like this. On the rare occasion that she managed to get her board up past the edges, she felt like she was flying!

                Until she was falling, that is. That hurts. She just wasn't sure if it was more of her tailbone or her ego.

                Being the true romantic that he was (not), Emerson challenged Sasha to a pie eating contest. She spanked him.

                When everyone made it home that night, Donovan popped in a movie and they all settled down to spend some time together. Emerson folded himself into the floor when Evangeline took over the couch. His parents were being extremely lovely dovey and he didn't want to share the big couch with them. This is what it’s all about, Camille thought, thankful that her life had directed her this way.

                “Hello? Neal, hi! How are you? I was just thinking about you,” Evangeline couldn't contain her excitement.

                “Ev, please take it to the other room. I’m trying to work here.” Donovan was in the middle of a big article on the pressures that Snowflake Day brought to families around the city. His editor had wanted some Snowflake Day fluff but Donovan had decided to take a more truthful route along with some helpful hints on how to make it through the season. If he managed it, the article could get him noticed and he might actually be promoted to a lead reporter rather than a back story, third page column writer.

                “I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today.”
                “Oh that would be great.” Her face fell. “Except, I have plans with Renata today.”
                “Bring her along. Tell her to invite friends. We’ll just make a day out of it.”
                “Okay!” She hadn’t wanted to cancel her plans with Renata but her boyfriend was awesome. What kind of boyfriend is okay with a group hangout instead of a romantic date? He’s amazing.

                She met him on the bridge leading into Bradford. “Don’t you need a coat?”
                “Huh? Oh! We won’t be out here long, I’ll be fine.” In truth, in her eagerness to see him, she had run out of the door without her coat or gloves or anything. Way to play it off. She was trying to act cool and nonchalant around him but she knew she wasn't doing a very good job.

                “Are you and Lowell together,” she exclaimed loudly when Lowell showed up right after the rest of them did.
                “Ew, no.”
                “You guys make a cute couple. You looked good together at the dance.”
                “We’re just friends. Seriously.”

                “Whoa, how’d you do that,” Neal gaped as Evangeline sunk three balls in a row.
                “Just luck,” she beamed, proud that he was impressed.

                “Alright guys, I gotta head out. Grandma and I are going into the city to do some shopping.” Renata waved as she left.
                “Hey look, we should take some pictures,” Neal called, slipping into the photobooth. The little room was tight and cramped and they spent most of the few moments making out but the pictures were adorable. Evangeline decided she’d hang them on her wall as soon as she got home.

                “When we get married…” Evangeline failed to hear the rest of what Neal was saying. He said when! When we get married. He wants to marry me!

                “What the hell,” Renata glared, stamping her way across the park. Evangeline had just been in the middle of telling her that she and Neal were getting married when Renata took off. Evangeline trailed behind her, hoping that she could wrangle back her attention shortly. Your best friend was supposed to be all ears when you talked about weddings!

                Coming to a stop directly behind her, Evangeline noticed what had caught her friend’s attention. Sasha, Emerson’s girlfriend, is girlfriend the right word, was flirting with an older guy.

                “Do you think we should tell him,” Renata whispered to Evangeline when they got back to the house.
                “Nah, I don’t think he cares. Maybe he’ll get a taste of his own medicine. Poor Genevieve.”
                He knew they were talking about him. He could feel it. He just wondered what they were saying.

                He texted Sasha that night because he’d managed to catch a snippet of something that sounded like her name and thought she might know. When she told him about the guy in the park, he laughed. So my sister and her friend are trying to protect me. Cute.

                “Hey honey, can you get the kids and meet me,” Donovan texted Camille.
                “It’s the week before Snowflake Day. I’ve got a ton of stuff to do. Can it wait?”
                “Please. It won’t take long.”

                Camille picked both the kids up from school early and headed out to the address Donovan had sent her.
                “Do you like it,” he asked, as they stood in front of the house.
                “Sure, it’s a nice enough house.”
                He took her hands in his. “It’s ours.”
                “What! How? When?” Camille sputtered.
                “I bought it. Our house was too small. We didn’t even have room for a dryer. We had plenty in savings and I got an offer on my house.”
                “I didn’t even know you wanted to move.”
                “We should have done this years ago. That house was mine and we never really turned it into a home. Happy Snowflake Day sweetheart.”

                The twins ran in the front door to survey the house, each hoping to get their pick of rooms. It had its own foyer, with some boxes already waiting for them. 

                Emerson won the rock, paper, scissors match this time and got the bedroom overlooking the city in back. Evangeline was stuck with the room in front with the ugly, blue flowered wallpaper.

                The move didn’t take long to complete. They didn’t own much and it quickly became evident that they would need to get some more furniture to round out the house.

                Camille hosted a housewarming party the next evening and invited all their friends. Lowell came with his parents, now elders and Neal came with his. Jane, Neal’s mother and Donovan’s boss, winked at Donovan as she entered. She’d helped get the surprise ready, especially after Donovan’s article went national. He was one of her best employees.

                Not too long after their move, Camille and Donovan’s birthdays arrived. They rented out one of the lounges downtown for the party. It would be one last, big shindig as a celebration of their accomplishments. Emerson took over the DJ booth while his parents made the rounds to all their guests.

                Feeling a little morose about everyone getting older, Angie arrived to the party already a little drunk.

                Finally it was time to blow out the candles. Camille, feeling generous or scared of getting gray, let Donovan take the leap first.

                 Hey, this isn’t so bad. I make a sexy old guy.

                Camille, with her husband waiting for her, took the plunge next. She remembered the last big party she had for herself and how she’d just wished for her mother’s forgiveness and that everything be ‘okay’. It might have taken years but, now, reflecting on her life, Camille knew that she wouldn’t change a thing.

                “I can’t believe they’re old.” Emerson sat down next to his sister with cake.
                “They’re not going anywhere anytime soon,” he reassured her.

Chapter 5.11                                                                                                                                                                                 Chapter 5.13

A chapter devoted to pure filler. And the fact that my favorite sim has now become and elder and it's only a matter of time before my heart breaks.

Donovan's house was SO small. The bedrooms weren't a bad size and it was great for a starting out family but with the teens getting ready to age up soon and the next generation to start working on their rolls, a move was pretty much required. The house is my Adelaide from MTS. I just went in and removed most of the furniture since I wanted them to move into it unfurnished and "make it their own".

If you don't already know, Evangeline won the heir vote. Chapter 5-13 (which is already half done) will focus mostly on her and work into her getting ready to start a life of her own.

ALL of my sims showed up in that damn purple Supernatural shirt as their formal outfit: Angie, Pearl, Genevra (Renata's grandmother), and Camille aged into it, which I promptly changed. I couldn't be arsed to use Stylist on any of them just for party shots. Maybe there was a deal at the department store?

Also, Sasha aged up after the winter festival. Shortly thereafter, I got this notification. Emerson's not upset, not even a little.


  1. Oooh decorating a new house will be fun!

    The picture of the girls whispering and Em looking on in the background was pretty awesome.

    I was starting to think there might actually be something between Sasha and Emerson, but I guess not. Are there really wedding bells in the future for Ev and Neal?

    1. Decorating IS fun! It will probably look a lot different from the download version when the Avendales are done with it though.

      There just may be wedding bells. Guess we'll have to see. I can promise that, if there are soon, Camille will likely not be happy about it.

  2. Aw, it was a nice filler chapter! I can't believe they're elders already! I feel like it was just yesterday that Camille was thrown into jail. Now she's an elder! I'm really upset. :(

    1. I know! My poor Camille. Maybe -that's- why I put off this generation for so long!

  3. Yeah, it did seem like Sasha and Em were starting to get somewhere. But, the fact that she's married might not stop Em, lol.
    So, you didn't let us hear what Neal had to say after the 'After we're married..' bit. That and Evangeline's obvious excitement at the thought of marrying him makes me suspicious that you've got evil plans in the making. >_>

    It is sad to see Camille as an elder. =(

    I love your house!

    1. He may be interested in playing the field but I think that breaking up a marriage would mean more commitment than he is interested in. Though, to be honest, if he wanted her bad enough to make that commitment marriage might not stop him, no.

      Evil plans? Me? Never! ;)

      I don't want to talk about it. *cries*

      Thank you for the compliment. I'm still a builder at heart and I got tired of making houses and never actually using them.

  4. It is good to see that Camille is satisfied with the way her life has turned out. Though it is sad to see both her and Donovan age to elders.

    I'm not sure what to think about Neal yet. He could be exactly what he seems, but then again---hmmm

    1. I know. She's grown so much from the young teenager who wanted nothing to do with family and marriage. She's lived such a fulfilled life...commence wailing.

      He might be. Now that Evangeline has been voted in, I'm sure we'll find out.

  5. I liked the joint birthday party and how happy Camille and Donovan are together :) I wonder what's going to happen between Evangeline and Neal - I do hope he's not leading her on

    1. They are so adorable together. I didn't know when I put him in the town just how perfect they'd be. I'd originally been shipping Camille and Ian.

      I hope so too Ali.

  6. I told you Evangeline wouldn't let her brother win the vote, she probably rigged the votes :P

    I like how Camille has grown emotionally and mentally over the course of the legacy.

  7. Donovan is extremely sweet, but if my husband bought any kind of property without telling me first I'd be like, "YOU DID WHHAATT!!!??" Haha.

    I was so happy to see how Camille ended up. After everything she went through in her younger years, I'm glad she was finally able to have a great life.

    I can't wait to see what you have planned for Evangeline. (I seriously love that name) Though she is very naive when it comes to men, and that worries me. You think she got that from her Grandmother? Oh Yalena and her escapades. Lol.