Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Character Bio: Vesper Avendale

Name: Vesper Avendale
Traits: Slob, Artistic, Absent-Minded, Dislikes Children, Friendly
Favorites: Pop, Grilled Cheese, Red
Aspiration: Visionary

Vesper is the middle child and the oldest of the twins. She is fiesty in nature, as might be evidenced by her favorite color. Since the moment she could hold on to a small utensil, she has been practicing her art. She started with the xylophone but soon discovered that it was her eyes, not ears, that cherished beauty the most.

Though she can sometimes be mean and jealous of her siblings, deep down she cares for them more than she lets on. She does tend to be rather narcissistic in nature, always thinking that she can do better or should be chosen other than someone else. Her anger and jealousy is short-lived though since she tends to lose herself once again at her easel, forgetting who she was upset with and why. Never one to hold a grudge, she moves on each day with a renewed passion for her art and life.

She never lets anyone choose her path for her and she lives life the way she sees fit. Beauty, and the display of it, is her one passion in life and supercedes everything else; boys, schoolwork, sometimes even family. After her sister's disappearance, Vesper chose to get a tattoo to symbolize her sister's spirit. Regardless of her father's disapproval, Vesper knows she did the right thing. He doesn't know she is seeing a grown man, closer to her father's age than her own but, once again, this is the path she is choosing. He seems to understand her more than any of the young, immature boys she graduated with.

In the end though, all her focus goes towards creating works of art that people will treasure for decades, even after her death. Can she find a balance between her artistic obsession and a healthy family life?

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