Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Character Bio: Verne Avendale

Name: Verne Avendale
Traits: Good, Perceptive, Hates the Outdoors, Loner, Light Sleeper
Favorites: Kids, Hamburger, Yellow
Aspiration: Pervasive Private Eye

From birth, Verne has been a bystander. His parents are both strong-willed people who know just what they want out of life. His twin sister has such an eye for art that she had practically been creating the moment she arrived out of the womb. And Uvie, well Uvie was her own spirit and nothing, not even teasing could change her. 

Among them, Verne is much like a lost soul. He spent his whole life standing by their sides and, somehow along the way, he never remembered to figure out his own desires. Cheering Vesper on during her dance recital, discussing the fairies' by-laws with Uvie, and being a straight A student don't give him the answers he needs to decide who he wants to be.

When tragedy strikes home, Verne's disgust with the laziness of the local police department suddenly inspires him. Who else could be losing family members, only to have the uniforms dawdle until the trail is cold? Who out there is missing a loved one, only to be told that, due to lack of evidence, the police don't want to look anymore so they just give up? If Verne can somehow protect another family from suffering the way his has, he will do anything he can. Not in uniform, no. He plans on working for himself to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy of the local 'system' so that people can actually be helped.

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