Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Character Bio: Uvie Avendale

Name: Uviana "Uvie" Avendale
Traits: Couch Potato, Easily Impressed, Lucky, Insane
Favorites: Egyptian, Stu Surprise, Purple
Aspiration: Animal Rescuer

Uvie, the eldest of the Avendale children, has a sweet, childlike nature. Ever since she was a little girl, her favorite past times were talking to imaginary friends, playing with her horse (though wooden he was), and imagining fairies and elves in the forest.

She's rather naive and tends to gravitate towards her imagination rather than reality. She seems to have a hard time separating the two and, in combination with that, she does and says what she thinks. Most people do not understand her so it's not unusual that, outside of her family, she has no friends. 

Even her family though, doesn't understand her. Her mother tries and seems to accept her for who she is but her father seems to have a more difficult time with it. He wants to 'fix' her and can't grasp that she is fine the way she is. The elves like her inquisitive nature. The fairies say that she will always bring luck wherever she goes and with whomever she chooses to share her life with. Her best friend is her dog, Rump who she got for Christmas one year. She doesn't see anything wrong with talking to him. He talks back!

Unfortunately, the fairies seemed to be wrong about her luck. Or were they? After her high school prom, Uvie disappeared, without warning, without note, and without any breadcrumbs to follow. Did she find her home among the mystical or are nefarious deeds to blame for her vanishing act?

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