Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Character Bio: Evangeline Avendale

Name: Evangeline Avendale
Traits: Heavy Sleeper, Athletic, Grumpy, Natural Cook, Ambitious
Favorites: Hip Hop, Firecracker Tofu, Spiceberry
Aspiration: Celebrated 5-Star Chef

Evangeline grew up with the perfect role models: her mother, a cop who was tough and brave and a father who was absolutely devoted to his wife and children. Evangeline wanted nothing more than to prove that she could take care of herself, just like Camille could. Believing that being strong and independent means intimidating people, Evangeline is thought to be a mean bitch and those that rub her the wrong way have evidence to prove it. Only those that push past her hard exterior realize that she's actually a wonderful and loyal friend.

Evangeline's desire to have a love as strong as her parents and a husband devoted to her results in a marriage straight out of high school. Neal, not on board with his wife traveling across the country to attend university, discovers that his wife refuses to compromise. The fact that she's only going to make her parents, especially her father, proud was not lost on her husband but he gave in because he wanted her to be happy. While in college, Evangeline began making bad choices and eventually began an affair with a fellow student.

When she returned home for a semester break, Evangeline was confronted with the place that Neal holds in her parents' hearts and chickened out of coming clean about her indiscretions. With the mess mounting around her and the lies piling up, can Evangeline own up to her mistakes and find true happiness or will she continue this double life she's leading and hope no one is any the wiser?

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