Saturday, August 4, 2012

Character Bio: Camille Avendale

Name: Camille Avendale
Traits: Friendly, Genius, Computer Whiz, Commitment Issues, Brave
Favorites: Songwriter, Autumn Salad, Yellow
Aspiration: International Super Spy

Up until the time that she was a teenager, Camille had an easy life. She had a big sister that she got along with, most of the time. She was a straight A student with no problems in school and she had loads of friends. Of course, her life wasn't perfect; she came from a split family with more than its fair share of drama but, all in all, she had it going pretty good. That is, until she found out, through being arrested, that some of her so-called friends had actually conned her into hacking into a government computer to steal top secret military files.

Camille's life went from almost perfect to hellish in one short night. No longer the golden child, she was ignored by her family, save her baby sister who wasn't old enough to understand what Cam had done. Try as she might, she couldn't earn her family's forgiveness and, after graduation, she was informed that, for the well being of her sister, it would be best if she moved out on her own. With no job in sight, it seemed that things were spiraling downwards for our young Camille.

Luckily, she had made an impression on the chief of police, even if it was because she had crossed on to the wrong side of the law. The department needed someone of her brains to help target the cyber terrorists that were becoming a real threat to SimNation. Suitcases in hand, she remorsely hugged her sister goodbye and headed for St. Claire with revenge in mind.

The bitter taste of betrayal still fresh in her mind, Camille is not likely to warm up easily to people. Though she'll be friendly with many, the idea of getting close to anyone isn't something that she is interested in and the number of people who will truly be close will be few. Her only desire is to find the people responsible and make them pay for using the young, naive girl she had been. Will Camille be able to find happiness in St. Claire or will her determination for vengeance leave her with a hard and lonely life? 

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