Monday, December 12, 2011

Organization Skills

True Confession: I have never been much of an organizer. I try to keep things nice and neat, but sometimes fail miserably, especially when I don't take future things into consideration. other stories have been moved. The Kidds have a new home on a new blog, The Kidd Chronicles (don't judge, it's still under construction). Vengeance is staying here for the moment as I have lots of lovely comments that I don't want to lose. Another true confession: heaven is a comment whore. Hope everyone can forgive me for the recent changes but I believe that keeping things split apart will help in the end.


  1. :) I concur with both these confessions. a) I have so many blogs just to keep my stories separate and easier to deal with. and b) I am a comment whore too. I love love love comments - I like to see that people visit but I love it if they say something on the way through.

  2. Lol it's a good thing then that I can't resist commenting Haha!